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  1. srthewolf061


    love it have some issues with it crashing lspdfr but the new calls are fantastic
  2. srthewolf061

    LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology

    so on this next round can you make some gang crimes and call outs it is California the gang capitol of the world drug bust drive bys gang murders stuff like that
  3. srthewolf061


    lookforward to a fix seams like it will be a great file \
  4. srthewolf061


    nothing happens when I press c
  5. srthewolf061

    Retro Concept Police/Sheriff Pack [ELS]

    omg yes thank you for making all blues my hero the only thing I ask is not dog dish the caprice hubcaps like on badasses pack its what was on my dads car as a kid and I love the look
  6. srthewolf061


    thankyou I found what I was looking for now just have to get my fleet done
  7. srthewolf061

    need some help

    well I'm a cop in real life and so I my fam , so I'm trying to recreate what I grew up with I need my ambulance skin made to fit the retro ambulance , my fhp and sheriff made to fit the 95 9c1. and if ur feeling really creative I have 2 that need to be made from scratch
  8. srthewolf061

    need some help

    hello all , looking for a bit of help I'm on the job for real so my time is limited and sadly so is my skill set I need a couple skins modified and if you have time would love a couple cars made if you can help drop me a line thank you in advance
  9. srthewolf061


    anyone know how I can get the retro shotgun for game play not prop
  10. srthewolf061

    police 4

  11. srthewolf061

    police 4

    looks perfect blue and bright