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    DrTexas got a reaction from 0sc4r in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    Hello. My name is Matt Grimes. I was a Hurricane Harvey victim. He gifted my area with 20-30 feet of water. When you first started the $30 to Red Cross and you get the coastal callouts I spoke in Acepilot2k7’s discord about talking to you about giving the mod to the victims as well and explained that wouldn’t it make sense to give it to them so they can have something to do if they saved there computer. As a victim the nights are rough I’ve spent the last 2 + months destroying my house and watching my belongings get thrown into a dumpster and that is very depressing. The red cross hasn’t been to my area and deemed one of my neighbors as didn’t qualify when they had 4 feet of water in there home. They have been very absent. Would you take into consideration the idea of giving it to the victims for something to do to keep there mind off the fact that everything they owned is destroyed. Thanks (I have a Picture of the back of my house with water flowing through it.
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    DrTexas reacted to PNWParksFan in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    It's been a little while since I posted an update here, so here's a quick summary of what's going on with Coastal Callouts development: 
    I finally implemented a custom Grab feature, which allows the player to grab any human ped (even dead, injured, and cop peds). This has allowed for quite a few new related features, including different grab animations when carrying a ped in the water or carrying a dead or injured ped, and auto-grabbing peds when you reel in the life ring.  Related to the grab feature is the new dual hoist capability, which lets the player grab a ped while using the hoist. This is really helpful for rescues in dangerous scenarios where you may not want to or be able to get off the hoist safely, such as cliff rescues.  Dead peds can now be placed in the rescue stretcher, meaning it's now possible to recover any peds you find who are deceased.  I've created a new callout called "capsized boater", which features various recreational boaters who have fallen out of their watercraft and are in distress. This includes kayaks, canoes, jet skis, and even surfers on surf boards! Over 200 different spawn points for the new callout, taking advantage of some really cool parts of the map which don't get seen much. Did you know there's a giant underwater cave on the east coast of the map?  Work continues on several vehicles, including some enhancements to the existing boats and aircraft, and development of a new 87' Marine Protector Class Patrol Boat and a miniaturized dinghy to go along with it.  So I know a lot of folks are of course interested to know what my plans are in terms of an eventual release date. Believe me, as soon as I know when it'll be ready to release, I'll tell you guys! Getting the grab update finished was a huge step towards that goal. The next major tasks to complete before I feel comfortable with a public release are as follows:
    Update the training callout to guide the user through the important new features which I've added since I created the training callout.  Improve the help messages and guidance to the user in the other callouts. Make key callout information easier to understand.  Create a custom installer. As anyone in the beta program can tell you, installing Coastal Callouts is very complicated - it involves setting up a custom DLC, modifying other game files, installing quite a few plugin and config files, etc. To minimize support requests and maximize user satisfaction, I will be making a custom installer to guide the user through the process. I am also working with various modders who are creating non-US Coastal packs, and will need to figure out some way to facilitate installing those customized packs.  Add a couple more callouts and some detail to the existing ones. There's actually quite a few callouts now in the pack, but there's a couple more I'd like to add before release. Of course, after the initial public release, I'll continue to develop new features and add more callouts over time.  Thanks to everybody for following this project, and extra thanks to everyone who has donated to support the development. As always, I'm still hard at work and look forward to sharing the mod with everyone when it's ready!





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    DrTexas got a reaction from XTREMEHEAT in [WIP][BETA] S.W.A.T. Revamped   
    Are you planning to release it soon?
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    DrTexas got a reaction from Narobic in [WIP] L.S. Noir   
    How's the Progress coming. is this still going to be a thing?
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    DrTexas got a reaction from Babylon in [WIP] Coastal Callouts   
    So in Ace Pilot 2k7's new video he said if you donate $30 to the Red Cross you'll get coastal callouts. Do we get coastal callouts if we were one of the people who got flooded 
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    DrTexas reacted to Fenix2525WOT in Approval   
    He's talking about LSRD
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    DrTexas reacted to Cyan in Approval   
    Then I can tell you that is complete and utter garbage, nothing submitted has ever taken that long.
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    DrTexas reacted to Kal74 in [WIP] L.S. Noir   
    This is looking really good @Fiskey111 ... Thanks for sharing the preview video. 
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