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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from SGT. S Crawford in More Than 1 Police Partner?   
    There are plenty of Partner Plugins for LSPDFR, i primarily use Darkmyres. However i always wanted to utilize NOOSE or SWAT or a squad/unit based Police Faction and i can only get one partner. In LCPDFR you could target a NPC and add them as a partner, up to even 4-6 i believe. Allowing for SWAT Team style patrol options. Is there anyway to stack Partners without dismissing or glitching the current ones?. I know this is tricky and hard, being that traffic stop backup and other plugins backup functions can interfere with the partner UI/Functionality. Long story short, any plugin/script/trainer that would allow me to spawn and partner up with 2-3+ Police Partners?. Also i am not looking for a " bodyguard " type of script where people just follow me and kill anyone i target or who attacks me. Looking for Taser/Takedown/Arrest ability with the Partners as well. In Darkmyre's it's awesome and the AI Partner can drive and also follow in a vehicle ( makes for cool Highway Patrol Bikes), however all that is missing is multiple partner support.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to seasonedshrimp in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    Lets start out with this.
    After the United Kingdoms firearm ban, crime rates have increased. Gun Violence, Knife Violence, and many other weapons-related crime have seen substantial growth in numbers. As the article in the credits states, "Violent crime in England and Wales is rising at an accelerating pace, according to police figures showing a 22% increase in knife crime and 11% rise in gun crime." 

    Meanwhile, the Torries decides its a great idea to remove twenty-one thousand officers from their duties.

    Is it not frightening when you hear your own officers say they wish they had handguns and other weaponry to defend themselves with? I find it absolutely horrific that these brave men and women run into scenes of terrorism or stabbings and simply cannot do anything.

    Regardless of political views, every country has its own problems. However, guns here are *not* the problem.
    The United States sees millions of people register firearms for self use and protection. 500,000 to 3 Million lives are saved by those who properly use their firearms, compared to the 300,000 crimes using firearms.

    Oh, and if you would kindly provide sources for our health system problem, How easy you think it is to get a firearm, and the 'pill' problem. Thanks :^)

    Sources : 

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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from kevinnick1120 in Police Use Taser on Woman, 87, Who Family Says Was Cutting Dandelions   
    The Police did not just show up and tase her. A local YMCA Youth Club counselor  called regarding her, as she was cutting flowers in-front of their facility (For her husband, not saying it's wrong.). and that's the only reason the police were there. Remember, one bad apple does not spoil the bunch. US Law Enforcement is usually not this aggressive with the senior community. This is a rare instance of one officer screwing up. It does not mean the US Police are evil murderers, and or paint a picture of US Law Enforcement as a whole. H3H3 a popular youtuber has a lot of similiar opinions to those shared on this thread, and a Police Youtuber went through his anti-police ranting and simply states the facts. If you are actually interested on what led up to and happened after this incident and how it's being viewed and discussed in the US, look no further.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to steinberg4145 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   
    Dude like chill out.  Some people can't be working on mods at all times during the year, and to be completely honest with you, there is no way to technically "fix" the lights as ELS is far too restrictive and there is currently no script that allows switching carcols on the fly to create light stages.  
    Attaching the spotlights to takedowns would make no sense, since you would lose the corona for the spotlights and they are also controlled independent of the takedowns in the real world.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to ToeBius in Birmingham, Britain Traffic Warden Nearly Killed   
    You don't need to give a detailed answer to understand that if that individual had, lets say a gun, he would have been able to defend himself from a bunch of thugs that would have giving up the fight once he brought out a force multiplier.  
      I was not posting just to disagree, I was keeping it simple because what he said was stupid and made no sense.  More than likely those thugs would have just ran off without a shot being fired, or they would have ran after he started shooting.  You are thinking in a mythical manor in which you think that criminals like to stay and fight when they are equally matched or out matched.  
      If you are able to fight back, you are able to defend yourself.  If you have a weapon, the chances of you winning is increased substantially.  If he had a gun and knew how to use it, things would have changed beyond belief.
      I kind of feel as if I do not need to explain myself every time I say something, for you all know what evidence I have to support it.  
      There are multiple videos proving that a force multiplier will save someones life, and I have personal experience which allowed me to keep from getting jumped by 7 shit bags.  Stop submitting to these pathetic punks and fight back.  
    And fyi,  read my response next time before posting something saying "that I fail to give a detailed answer and have no valid argument".
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from Rareroblox in Would a Acer Nitro 5 run LSPDFR?   
    If you run 5-10 plugins or more and break 50 FPS or even 40 i want to meet you and shake your hand.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to ToeBius in Birmingham, Britain Traffic Warden Nearly Killed   
    You are, people tend not to stay and fight unless they have a gun and that is rare if they have any courage  to fight.   When people are out gunned they run unless they are on a suicide run.  I've dealt with 7 v me and look at who is still standing.  Criminals are tough until they encounter the one that is prepared for them.  
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to ToeBius in Birmingham, Britain Traffic Warden Nearly Killed   
    Yes it would.  You are wrong.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to seasonedshrimp in Vehicle/Foot Pursuit Suspect Gets Butt-Bit!   
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from HANSOLOW in Low FPS   
    The second you reach 5+ plugins in your Plugins or LSPDFR Plugins folder , you will be hitting nearly unplayable FPS. There is a reason that people only install a few callout packs at a time, and it's due to this. I have nearly every plugin availible on this site, and i get 80+ FPS before i go on duty. The second i go on Duty, its 19-22 FPS in the City and 30-40 In the County , MAX. I am on a 4-6 year old shitty AMD rebuilt gaming PC however, and my Processor and VGA are both valued at a mere 100$ dollars , where as when the PC was newly built they were 300-500 each. IE, really old computer. I really do think you need to have I7 with a high clock, a minimum of a GTX 1080 Video Card, and 16-32 GB of DDR4 memory to run LSPDFR with plugins and or mods/scripts along with it. You all are not alone in this issue, and your options are as follows.
    1: Suffer with the FPS while on duty until you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a new gaming PC
    2: Have ONLY LSPDFR installed , no graphical mods or scripts/plugins ontop of it ( Rather boring, limited repetitive callouts)
    I believe there is some optimization and or performance issues related to LSPDFR, but i don't think we can blame G17 Media for it. I believe TakeTwo and Rockstar made GTA V to be challenging to mod, and also so that if you do get mods working..-...they barely function. They want us on GTA Online and buying shark cards, not offline enjoying ourselves with modifications. 
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to LMS in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    We've recovered some unused code in the game and polished it up to integrate with our AI. While it works well for most of the cases it is still GTA V at the end of the day.
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from UnknownBastion in The current game version is not supported   
    When us Single Player gamers are dead, and Modding is banned and fully monetized and there is ONLY a brief 5-10 hour GTA Single Player Story, and GTA Online to play. They want us buying shark cards and paying for online service from PSN/Xbox. When we mod and stay offline they make no more further money off us as players. Single Player gamers cannot be financially exploited through DLC , Loot Crates and Micro-transactions. Therefore we don't matter. Excited for new Elder Scrolls, Cyberpunk 2077 and various other games that are proving the " singleplayer games are dead " theory is wrong. 
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from mrepic112 in FPS   
    This is the reality of playing LSPDFR with plugins active, i start at 80+ and drop instantly to 20-30 when i go On Duty, as you say in the City while patrolling it's annoyingly choppy, low 19-24 FPS, but when i get outside of the City its 30-40 like yours. I have countless plugins and scripts and mods, and from what i understand once you install 5+ plugins ontop of LSPDFR your FPS plummets. I am running an old AMD rig and experience your same issue. I am literally about to drop 900-1,200 US Dollars on a new gaming PC in hopes to play this and some other games at a higher FPS with better graphics settings. I have a grim feeling even with the best I7 Processor and a brand spanking new 1080 Video Card i won't get past 40 FPS while on duty. I want to blame LSPDFR's optimization, but not sure that we can.
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from CRASH56 in FiveM & LSPDFR   
    I think you need a Vanilla install unfortunately. 
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from dem impactz in Guy Attacks Cop - Bystander Body Slams him   
    Being dispatched to a gas station to assist a man in a gray shirt who allegedly was dehydrated and needed water, police find said man. On attempting to ask him if he needs water, he instantly becomes aggressive and attacks the officer. Note, he cannot speak English, therefore the officers aid attempts and de-escalation techniques are useless. While struggling to detain the suspect, he breaks loose. Getting some distance on foot, when out of the frey of the gas station parking lot a man in a white T-Shirt dives into action, grabbing and body slamming the suspect " Emiliano Medina-Medina " to the ground, where he was then detained. 
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from mkcm in [Showcase] Fully Functional Game with nearly all plugins/scripts   
    Written By  - GTALawEnforcer
                                                                                 ULTIMATE LSPDFR Installation ( NEARLY ALL SCRIPTS/PLUGINS - Running Without Issue ) 
                                                                                                                                                    160+ Callouts Via Callout Plugins
                                                                                                                                               Nearly All Scripts/Plugins Available From This Site
                                                                                                                                                Photo Realistic Graphics Overhaul w/ NVR
                                                                                                                                                Still a playable and enjoyable FPS
    So, i spent a solid 600 hours on GTAIV, and most of it was for LCPDFR. I played it for years on end, and as i watched GTA V's release and beat it on my friends Xbox i patiently awaited its PC release. Sure enough when it came out i waited, and monitored this beloved forum for my favorite mod, coming to it's next title game. I officially bought GTA V and starting playing LSPDFR probably three or so months ago. I have over 300 hours play time already, although a lot was spent troubleshooting obviously. I am kind of a perfectionist and obsessive with the Callout Plugins and Modifications. I want to have it all. But we all know you can't have " it all " and still have game functionality and solid or even playable FPS. Note the method following has been tested by albotroubleshooter with no issues.

    What i have done, is spent so many countless hours troubleshooting, reinstalling and trying again..-..but i have nearly mastered it. I refused to play the game with just a few plugins, they loop over and over and replay-ability and enjoyment is limited with the less plugins you have. I refused to give up, and now i have a functional LSPDFR modded GTA V, in which has over 160+ callouts and probably 60+ Plugins and Scripts and callout packs. THE CATCH?! - I DO NOT USE ANY VEHICLE OR WEAPON TEXTURE MODIFICATIONS. That is the main reason my FPS has not almost dipped into unplayable. I constantly see people having issues with playing with a lot of plugins, and merely want to share my experience. If you have a Good/Great gaming rig, there is no reason with the proper installation techniques and patience you can play LSPDFR with every plugin enabled, running at an even higher FPS than my feeble 20-30. I know people say albos mods slow things down, and there are too many compatibility issues to worry about when you surpass 10+ plugins...-..but trust me. It's plausible and doable. If my old crappy AMD rig can run with all these scripts and plugins and callout packs at it's decrepit barely functional blue screening old age, SO CAN YOURS!. 
    Alas, i have found my own person solution. I have a OLD build, that is half my old parts and half from a friends old PC after he upgraded. Specifications below. I almost exclusively bought and made this thing for LSPDFR, since my old rig could not run it. Specs below, before we delve into the LSPDFR situation. In total this was a 280$ gaming PC, since i was given a lot of good salvage parts from a friend. Goes to show you don't need much to get going in GTA V's LSPDFR.

    Gigabye Full Tower Case Logitech HD Webcam C270 Samsung TV ( NOT monitor - Runs 1330 x 900 Max )  16GB DDR3 memory ( old i know )  1TB Wester Digital Drive (NOT SSD) Processor - AMD FX 8350 ( 8CORE) VGA - AMD Radeon R9 200 series ( So old, under $100 now)  
    Weak, 4-6 year old out of date gaming rig , right?. Hell i do not even have a monitor with 1920x1080 output. Yet you are going to be baffled how i somehow get a playable 30+ FPS or higher with the insane amount of plugins and scripts i have. I personally believe the key to my weak system being able to handle even this intense of a load of plugins is primarily because i use NO weapon or Vehicle texture replacements. My only changes are through RAGE scripts and plugins alone. A few Open IV package installers aside from that. Also have NVM and still somehow manage to keep all these plugins going at once with minimal rare crashes. Below you will see the following in order.
    - My Root Folder, from top to bottom.
    - My Scripts Folder
    - The Plugins Folder
    - The LSPDFR Plugins folder within said previous plugin folder
    - LSPDFR Radio files and folders

    GTA V Root Folder : https://imgur.com/a/GwG6ynV
    GTA V Scripts Folder : https://imgur.com/a/5JMM76r
    GTA V Plugins Folder : https://imgur.com/a/lcylWbo
    GTA V - Plugins - LSPDFR Plugins : https://imgur.com/a/Qsr6SC2
    LSPDFR - Police Scanner : https://imgur.com/a/K12g7q4
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to GhostRz in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    @Sam Are there any plans to improve the AI overall and not just in the pursuits? like staying well hidden in a shootout with a suspect or multiple suspects 
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to Iggy Fresh in GTA 5 & LSPDFR Videos by Iggy Fresh   
    New LSPDFR Video is out!!
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to Drewster327 in Should I Bother Updating?   
    Dont do it, I did and regret it, its crashing at startup, even reverted back and still crashing and you can't get any support it seems now a days
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from riquebr in LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology   
    Damn, LSPDFR is 99% finished?, i was not aware we were at 0.9 release teetering on the 1.0 final release this quickly. Oh wait, we're not...-..it's 0.4. We are not even half way through development and how many years has it been?. I would not cross your fingers or go thinking LSPDFR is near completion anytime soon. It will be weeks/months until 0.4 comes out, and it will literally be half a decade before you even see a 1.0 release like we did in LCPDFR a long time ago. Patience and maintaining an attitude that expects less than more is paramount to maintaining sanity while waiting for this mod to develop. If every other day you think the update is coming out...-...it will seem like FOREVER for it to actually come out. A watched pot never boils folks. I would expect 2-3 more rinky dinky video/screenshot updates with information in the coming months before the 0.4 Update itself even comes out.
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from Giordano in Guy on drugs does the cop's job for them   
    What's sad is that there is no mental health facilities for people like this , half of it's drugs and the other half is mental health. All these guys can do ( homeless ) is repetitively go to jail for the sake of a warm place to stay and a meal. It's a vicious cycle, and i do feel sympathy for those who are struggling. Aside from that , this is hilarious. Lol, at least he was compliant and did not resist. He was in-fact BEYOND cooperative. 
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    GTALawEnforcer got a reaction from Rockstar support in Unable to play LSPFR   
    Here we go again, lol. Rockstar really wants us to get on GTA : Online and buy some shark cards. We can never game in peace with our singleplayer modifications that they make no money off of.
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to Sik.Sensed in Unable to play LSPFR   
    LOL Rockstar doesn't care for anything but money, and this update isn't anything special... To me 2017 was their best year for new content with Gun Running!!!! 
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    GTALawEnforcer reacted to lovkal in Sweden - Rape Capital : Child Sexual Assualt Crime = Community Service?   
    Sure, I know that. We Swedes are taught to always fear the Russians.
    I can confirm a lot of things in the documentary however, which is why I shared it.