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  1. Definitely a nice model, I choose to instead use the template and make myself a personal skin since I'm using it for a different purpose.
  2. lol stroke of luck, just downloaded it about 30 minutes ago, and then see the notification of a new update. Definitely going to try this out.
    It's definitely a nice, clean skin. As a local still living here, seeing it in-game makes me happy.
  3. @Real Unlimited I have made a Hawaii sheriff skin for your vehicle. Link here:
  4. Known issues: Vehicle paint color as of right now is gray but it should be white The seal/badge on the left door is compacted, specifically the word that says Hawaii.
    An amazing model and quite stylish with the current texture, I'm using on it. No complaints.
  5. Thank you for this list, I think it'll finally make the charger I added in-game drive and feel right now.
  6. Strange, I've installed all the files correctly only difference being that I'm using for the POLICE2 slot, and when I spawn it in-game. It ends up looking like a messed up wreck. It's the yft files that seem to have a difference. If I open up the police2.yft in OpenIV it the model shows it correctly, with the HPD skin I'm using, but when I open up the police2_hi.yft the model it shows is different and in the LSPD skin. Edit: NVM, I think I figured out the problem it was because I had renamed the file of police_hi.yft to police_hi2.yft, which should have been police2_hi.yft. 2nd Edit: I solved the problem, it was indeed because of myself not renaming files correctly.
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