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    Kevinw17 reacted to zach016 in 0.4 - Police slots   
    Negative on the infinite vehicle slots, you need to go about the add-on process the same as prior to 0.4
    What 0.4 does do, is allow you to have any of those add-on vehicles spawn ingame, or be choose-able from the garage.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to TexasDesigns in Still waiting...   
    This is still going on? Damn.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to t0y in Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things   
    For the love of god please make it accurate 🤦‍♂️(ballistic plates, glass, interiors) needs some work.
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from Lukez3218 in Custom sirens do not work   
    You solved my issue. Thank you so much!!!!
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    Kevinw17 reacted to Lukez3218 in Custom sirens do not work   
    I ran into the same exact issue. I believe it's due to the fact that OpenIV was updated last week and some of the audio files in the vehicles.awc have been renamed from the hex number they used to be (0xSOMETHING.wav) to actual names. I found that the main siren is now SIREN_PA20A_WAIL, the airhorn became AIRHORN_EQD and the rest are still SIREN_2, AMBULANCE_WARNING and POLICE_WARNING. What you should try is get the vehicles.awc file, extract it to open formats to your desktop and then take your custom siren and before dropping it in there, rename 0x0D329446.wav to SIREN_PA20A_WAIL.wav and 0x0EA58C7C.wav to AIRHORN_EQD.wav and then make sure that when you drop them into the vehicles folder you get a prompt to replace all of the ones you're dragging (usually it's the 5 I listed).
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    Kevinw17 reacted to IndianaisMyState in Not Goodbye but See You Later   
    To whoever is reading this as well,
    No, I'm not attempting to jump on a bandwagon and get attention, in fact, that is the lease of my intentions.  Like @t0y my little New York friend pointed out, there are issues with this community, I think everyone can accept that. it has never been and will never be my intention to copy anyone with a forum post like this. But I think everyone knows files get rated bad ways because people don't like others which to me is ridiculous. I have lost interest and am taking a break from my modeling time here within the LSPDFR community, I will continue to do it around for fun but will come back later, when maybe I have more free time and have some interest back to put stuff out there, to people, who are somewhat just disrespecting of it. Not everyone disrespects other modders but a lot of people do and influence these based on the reviews of the mods. Like I said before, it's not because of one person, it because of toxic people.  I know I wasn't all that popular, and well, I know I made some people angry (Not really sure why but, I did.). But, like the title says it isn't a goodbye, its a see you later type of breakup. 
    Other Issues within the Modding Community- Like many people know and see, not a whole lot of dev parts get released. Which, really inhibits the ability to create new and refreshing mods. Mods that would make people happy to get into a single player game and pig out and have fun (I get the reference, not intentional). I will continue to visit, interact and just try some other mods out and around but it has made me lose interest right now. 
    To Conclude- Yes, like @t0y said LSPDFR hasn't received an update forever, and I know one is in the works but it gets boring after a while of playing the same doggone thing over and over.  I also know, I wasn't a popular known modeler, considering I only had one pack that reached a little over 17k downloads, but I also have an issue with the same things being featured, my pack was one of the firsts to have a Mega Pack like that released, and it reached over 17k downloads quickly and was never one time featured. You clearly have to be popular to be featured, which I have no issue with being not popular, but it gets old, and I'm sure others feel the same way. But, it's not a goodbye forever, its a see you later thing.
    Peace yall ill catch ya on the flip side. In the meantime, it's getting near planting season, so now its time to tractor watch (And sometimes go round in at the end of harvest! (If Im lucky drive too!))
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    Kevinw17 reacted to Not AJ in Signing out.   
    I'd have to agree with you, for the most part, t0y. Things have really changed  It's gonna change worse without you here. I hope you do make a return one day. I can't agree necessarily on the LSPDFR developers lacking on developmental efforts. However, I do agree with the rest of the portions above [yes, I meant it]. Rest well, good sir. It was a pleasure having you here.
    #RIP_t0y #t0yThatsAZero 😭✊💯🏆
    EDIT: Oh just a quick shoutout to my favorite community moderators in the past 5 years: Ryan, ineseri, and Kallus Rourke  Hope to see the two of you back! 
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from t0y in Signing out.   
    You had some quality ass content, and I'll really miss that, thanks for everything you did for this community, and hopefully I'll see you back sometime <3
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    Kevinw17 reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    Hi whoever is reading this,
    So it has been a very long time coming, and I have thought about this a few times but I am finally quitting LSPDFR and probably GTA. I know you're probably wondering why did I just post a picture of a cop car I modeled then, well that was before I realized I was quitting and demotivated thanks to chapperoni for giving me a kick in the butt. There have been MANY things leading up to this decision, and of course it isn't an easy one to make ive been in the community for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed a lot of it (ish) and found new hobbies of mine like modeling and graphic design, and subsequently police cars and has directed my attention at a law enforcement career in the future (maybe, probably not though.)
    Anyway here are some reasons why I am leaving, I was going to keep this brief but really fuck that, not here to start an argument or anything either thank you to the staff for your help and im not trying to call anyone out of course just hoping this will open your eyes if you want to keep your mod alive. 
    - Toxic, toxic modding community. Not that this is necessarily the mod's fault or the general community's fault but man are the modders on this toxic. For those of you who have yet to see what goes on behind the scenes it is just full of negativity, immaturity, and constant shit talking no matter what you do. It is hard to spend money on ZM, and lord  knows the time to make models for a plugin for a video game as your hobby just to have half of the modding community tear your shit up because your lightbar is an inch too high or your antenna is curved a bit, or god forbid you dont have a cone and a bag in your trunk. 
    - Inactive and/or generally unsupportive staff team. Again not trying to call any of you out, and those active ones you know who you are and I fully support you but those who arent its not very great. I haven't seen 90% of the staff team even so much as comment on a post in a very long time, which by all means is great go have your life dont focus on some police mod for a video game, but you cant expect the community to stick around. Someone can post a shitty, obviously troll model or livery and it wont get taken down for 6 hours just to have the whole community berating them and reporting them but no one doing anything about it, or they can leave a 1 star review saying some pointless shit on a mod you spent weeks on and guess what... you report it and nothing happens, just sad how unsupportive the staff is.
    - NO UPDATES! It has been 1 1/2 years since the last update for LSPDFR, with an experienced team behind it, a supportive community, and plenty of staff working on it nothing has been done. I know I know "BUT 0.4 IS COMING ITS GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME!!!!" simply... no. An animation has been added. And RDE and EUP have been watered down and then added. Not only is it not good, its just bad, not trying to be rude but nobody wants that, I could care less for stop and frisk or having mods that are already in my game dimmed down, we need an actual update. I know what you're thinking: "t0y you IGNORANT SLUT! YOU ARE A MODELER YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT AND SCRIPTING!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK YOU FAT SLOB!" first of all im not fat, and that is very rude, second of all ITS BEEN A YEAR AND A HALF there have been so many scripts made, and huge game improving mods like from Albo that have taken less than a year in a half or PNWParksFan who has made an ENTIRE COAST GUARD CALLOUTS MOD in less than that time that has 100x more content than that update, and those are all by one person not even a whole development team. Up until the 0.4 announcement I had just thought the scripters or creators or whatever you guys are called just ditched the whole mod which is really sad considering I have spent countless hours, even 100s of hours making content for this community on my own time, without asking for donations, or trying to sell godawful merchandise. I really would've expected more from you guys, and you've failed us.
    - Honestly it's just boring. A repetitive mod that barely scratches the surface into anything police related. There are police chases, sure but you chase the guy for 4m, get run over by 100 cop cars "helping" you, pit the guy, shoot him, call a coroner, and drive away then rinse and repeat. No cordoning off the scene, calling investigators, directing traffic away from it, getting backup to come and park near the scene to help out, nothing that isn't action filled, like normal police work. It's just not enough to spend so much time on making models for, I would be willing to bet that there has been 5x as much time and effort spent on modeling for the community as I've seen from people like Matt who spends so much hard work on his models than the mod itself which is just silly. AGAIN because I know this will be taken the wrong way im not trying to call you guys out, I know you have a life, it's just a reason why im out of here.
    Anyway to conclude. Yeah. Bye.
    Thanks to all the people that I was friends with over the years, you know who you are (most of you are in Faux Policiers, if so this is repetitive and we're still going to talk to so not saying bye so this is pointless so special thanks to you guys: Emil, DudeMan would be cooler if this was your real name but fuck off, Eric, Jay, Rob, Alex, Maurice, Steven, Brad, Hank, Jake, Jed, Kevin, Kus, Luke, and Trevor sorry you're last but you're offline so your name is on the bottom of the list.
    If you want to stay in touch my Discord is t0y#8617 and my Twitter is thet0y feel free to add me/follow me and we can chat. Still going to lurk around here and see what happens.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to t0y in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    no u
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from motive007 in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    Dumb sexy <3
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from t0y in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    Dumb sexy <3
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    Kevinw17 reacted to t0y in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    Hi folks. I'm Aidan a.k.a t0y. Here is my Work in Progress thread, everything here is subject to updates, or even cancellations depending on my motivation at the time. My current project is the New York State Police and White Plains PD. I am from New York City, and I see at least NYSP all the time, and White Plains is just a beautiful department so I decided to do these. More updates, and information about each pack will be found below. In this thread I will occasionally post in game screenshots, but a majority of pictures will be from Zmod depending on the vehicle and pack I am making, and honestly things tend to look better in ZMod lol. If you have any questions about anything related to this thread, or these vehicles feel free to reply below, thanks :) All vehicles are as accurate as possible, so for these two NY departments, they do feature forward red lighting, and different inspection stickers depending on their vehicle years, etc. Also the NYSP cars all have different radar antenna positions, inspection stickers, and computer screens just to make it a bit unique. Although, about 10 cars in I realized there arent that many variations of 4 tabs on a computer screen I could make so I did need to reuse a few lol.
    Project: New York State Police
    Current Vehicles: I have 19 vehicles finished, yes it's a lot of variation but it only took about a month because it is only about 6-7 unique vehicles, I just made common variations of each vehicle, from different troops etc. accurate to their IRL counterparts. I have finished: 3G80, 3K35, 3M10, T203, 1K21, 3F80, 1B40, L106, 1A86, 1T20, 2T15, 2G66, 1T18, 1T19, 1T21, 1T51, 1T87, 2F42, 3B37. Each vehicle file has its own "About" note which will tell you the zone and troop it runs out of, its areas of patrol, equipment, and if it is still in service or not.
    Planned Vehicles: Not to give too much about it away, but I plan on adding about 10 more vehicles over the next month or two, these mostly depend on me having Robert or someone as talented scratch model me the NYSP Highrisers, and finish his current project which I wont say just in case he doesn't want me to spoil it, but I will make NYSP vehicles on that base.
    Zmodeler Pictures: (Some of these have been edited, scrapped, or redone since these pictures were taken, may vary in game as well)




    T203 (CITE)



    Ok, what the fuck. 4mb limit here too? Well then. I'll just spam more images later I guess? That's a bit annoying. Well then this will cut my thread down a lot that's fun. MORE PICTURES TO COME!
    Special thanks to: @CG Blaze @FRGamer @Slendis @RobertTM for various helping etc. And all being New Yorkers except Emil.

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    Kevinw17 reacted to Kallus in Scripthook V not initiating   
    Your topic has been moved to GTA V Support, this is not LSPDFR related.
    Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to Kallus in LSPDFR crashing on "ForceDuty"   
    Ha ha, sorry to say, I don't know much about it.  The guy in your avatar was also in a meme about the movie. :P
    You're welcome.
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from t0y in New York Modifications   
    These are going to look so fucking cool when they're all done I can't wait. They look sick as is, of course. Great job, and thank you to all the guys involved.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to Kallus in Game Crash w/ addon police vehicles   
    Try using the gameconfig linked in my signature.

    This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    Kevinw17 reacted to Kallus in "Parkstool(s)" causing LSPDFR crashes   
    ParkTools.dll should be in your main GTA V directory.
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    Kevinw17 got a reaction from 0sc4r in Suggestions for Ocean/Marine Callouts   
    Thanks, but the beta isn't available on LSPDFR yet for the public, and I would donate, it's just I dont have the money atm.. 
    It's the "predator". It's beautiful
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