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    @TheSandwichStealer (Forgot to quote you, sorry!)
    No LAPD styled cars I'm afraid, I haven't finished deciding on that dept to base them off yet. I'm working on some smaller dept's first.
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    Hey everybody.I want to introduce you to a new Mega Pack.This time its different.Im not doing this on my own.Its a collaboration with @Jedahdiah.Im happy to announce that  @Sinnisa and @harrison90 are doing our textures.Without them it would be much harder.Please go and check their work out.Our goal is to create a Pack with different Departments/Setups.For now there will be these Districts/Areas/Types.
    -Sandy Shores PD
    -Paleto Bay PD
    -Los Santos PD
    -Chumash PD
    -Grapeseed PD
    -Port Authority/Airport PD
    -Campus Police
    -Park Ranger
    -State Trooper
    We dont know how many Models we gonna do but me and @Jedahdiah are sure that this is going to be big.In this topic we gonna update you with Screenshots,Ideas and much more.Stay tune and have a nice day.More to be announced soon.
                                                                                                                                                              Follow this thread for updates!
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    This is a new plugin I'm working on. It aims to expand the functionality of new vehicles, in a centralized manner, so, hopefully, you won't end up needing a different plugin/script for each function vehicle models authors want to implement in their models.
    Currently, the vehicles are configured via XML files, alongside the changes needed in the model itself. So, no, it doesn't support already released models.
    Current Gadgets
    Ladder Outriggers Radar  
    Implement collisions, so, for example, you can climb up the ladder. Add more gadgets.  
    Firetruck shown in the videos: MTL Botlle Nose Ladder 15EX Truck by @GlitchGamer
    Any vehicle developer interested on implementing this plugin, with the current gadgets or with an idea for a new gadget, can contact me to discuss the implementation details, or if the gadget idea is possible.
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