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  1. icrazylag

    Whelen Gamma 2

    I seem i cant find it any where for download and thanks thats what it sounds like to me too!!!
  2. icrazylag

    Dwardo225's weapons Rate of fire

    Yeah i was also wondering if it would work on fivem if any of you get it to work on there for sure lemme know please.
  3. icrazylag

    Glock Gun Sound By JohnWhite

    I love this tbh thanks!!! Also that screenshot of the Glock where can i find that model at? Link if possible
  4. icrazylag

    Whelen Gamma 2

    I know this is WAYYY off topic but can someone please help and identify these sirens for me please?
  5. icrazylag

    Taurus Reporter

    I really like this but can you please make it where the lights are red and blue instead of just yellow? Best Non els vehicle in a long long time..