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  1. xTroyvD

    BCSD Animated Cvpi ELS Enabled

    Did you get it working? Its making my game crash on start up too and i really dont wanna have to reinstall the entire game.
  2. xTroyvD

    BCSD Animated Cvpi ELS Enabled

    Makes my game crash at startup ):
    Needed a new siren and this one is perfect. Good audio level too (imo)
  3. xTroyvD

    (4K) Los Santos Police Department

    I approve this.
  4. xTroyvD

    Dispatch Checkup Script

    This is so good.
  5. xTroyvD

    Emergency Lighting System

    Been waiting for this ever since LSPDFR came out, 10/10 did not disappoint. Only thing i've noticed that in in pursuits and when i pull somebody over the AI likes to just keep driving in a straight line through everything whenever i turn my siren on.