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  1. RtheAmazing

    How to know what needs updated.

    Use the update checker from Justin991q, almost every mod is included:
  2. RtheAmazing

    Game Freeze

    Maybe you fixed it already, but i found the problem. It was RageNativeUI that was conflicting, with the update 1.6.1 it will work again!
  3. RtheAmazing

    add-on pack

    Nevermind, i fixed it.
  4. RtheAmazing

    add-on pack

    but if i place policeb in the modding dlc pack from albo it works.
  5. RtheAmazing

    add-on pack

    When i spawn policeb its just the vanilla police bike
  6. RtheAmazing

    add-on pack

    Hi, i'm making a police bikes add-on pack, but i ran into a problem. In the add-on pack there is policeb, policeb2,policeb3 The problem is that policeb is not working, doesn't matter if an other bike is on that slot. But if i rename the policeb to policeb4 is work. What am i doing wrong?
  7. RtheAmazing

    Game Freeze

    i have the same thing, the windows from lspdfr+, searchwarrant and patrol toolkit just freezes so you have to force close the game. All my mods, game, hooks and rage are up to date
  8. hi, secondary callouts has been deleted but can someone upload in to mediafire or anything like that. it were very nice callouts
  9. RtheAmazing

    _mem_embeddedalloc_guard_4 error

    hello, if i play lspdfr for like 15 minutes my game crashes: game memory error _mem_embeddedalloc_guard_4. anyone a fix, i already installed a gameconfig but that didn't work out well here some logs: launcher.log ragepluginhook log; i cant find any error in here... launcher.log RagePluginHook_23012017_134334.log