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  1. Ah I see, currently there are no tests included in this plugin that test for weed as it's usually recognized by look/smell. I'm not sure about OBS not picking up the textbox, I'll try to play around with the timing of the popup and see if that fixes it in the next release, it's a weird native function
  2. Can you give me an example of what you type? The script automatically searches what you enter for drug keywords and then makes those items available for testing, such as strings containing the words "meth", "heroin", etc. Have you gotten it to work before?
  3. Sorry for late reply, the search warrant XML goes in the search warrant folder and replaces the default XML file
  4. The option is not available until the ped is actually in handcuffs; then it should be become available
  5. Right now its just for RP and as a means to clear the collected evidence list, in the future I hope to implement a lite court system similar to Computer+'s
  6. Are you in the vehicle when trying to store evidence? They both use the same key, so try to store evidence on foot and see if that works It looks like you do not have SearchWarrant installed correctly, as pcGAMEZguy said please make sure you have the latest version of DarkAPI in your main GTA V directory for that plugin to work.
  7. Please post your RagePluginHook.log file of the crash and I can look at it
  8. Hmm that's weird, does it do this with every question/option in the menu? Does the vehicle and driver show up in the computer system before you approach the car? Installing Traffic Policer and it should fix the issue.
  9. Yup, you are missing Traffic Policer which is listed under the requirements, you can find the download here:
  10. You are also missing RageNativeUI, it is a pretty common library so I did not include it. You can find the latest version here: https://github.com/alexguirre/RAGENativeUI/releases/tag/1.6.3 Also, the newest version does not depend on ScriptHookVDotNet2, so you can remove it if you have no other mods that use it.
  11. You should be able to do this already. You just have to walk up to a person and select the "Ask for ID/Observe" option from the menu, return to the computer and write a citation, and then you should be able to issue it to them via the menu. If it doesn't work for you let me know and I will look into fixing it
  12. Phaxol

    how to respond to callouts

    The key to accept callouts is "Y", you must press it when they appear above the minimap
  13. Phaxol


    Did you update your update.rpf in your mods folder to the newest version? This needs to be done every update; OpenIV should give you the option to replace the one you have with the newest version. Then you just have to reinstall any modded files you had to the new RPF.
  14. Phaxol

    RPH crashing

    For every new GTA V update you need to update ScriptHookV, RagePluginHook, and your update.rpf in your mods folder to the newest versions to avoid crashing. OpenIV should give you the option to replace it with a newer version, but you have to reinstall any files you have modded in there to the new RPF.
  15. Phaxol

    help with emergency lights

    I would try this mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/corona-begone The other alternative is to find another enhanced emergency lighting mod that is not as bright. There are plenty on this site