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    Ya'ateeh! Finally! A uniform pack that hits close to home haha. Thank you for making this! Looks great and authentic. Ahoa!
  1. I like the look of these, MrFederalLaw - The simple setup is more my taste. You probably put in a fair amount of effort on these, so just wanted to give a heads-up that you spelled "DIAL" as 'DAIL' on the CVPI car. Fix that up and I'll make sure to review for ya, bud!
    Have been using your LSPD Pack for quite some time and a few of the BCSO vehicles, so I gave this a whirl and whaddya know; It's every bit as good as the other ones with one exception - In my opinion, the lighting/patterns are a bit better in this pack (not to say they're not good-great in the other two packs, they very much are). Great job dude! Thank you for the hard work you put in to these packs TLDR; I'd leave my wife for this pack.
  2. Pretty much what Kallus Giordano & DS said. I found this out the hard way after many, many uninstalls/reinstalls of mods/vehicles/everything under the sun. I thought my rig: i5-6600k (OC), GTX1070 6GB, 16gb mem would more than suffice and be able to handle multiple civilian cars (3-15)...I was wrong. Biggest Issue I found was people driving invisible cars (only ped texture would load in). Clearing out the civ cars and keeping all my mods the same got me back to running smoothly.
  3. Thanks Robert. No worries man! Looks like others are already interested in creating some textures for the models so I can be patient and wait. Have a great weekend!
  4. Holy crap. Great job, Robert. This is an amazing pack that will probably stay as my sheriff/extra vehicles for quite some time. Just a quick question: Do you or anyone else know of any textures that would be compatible with these cars that are Los Santos County Textures to go along with the Blaine texture(s) that come stock? Would really complete my set-up if I could find some compatible LSCS textures to patrol with every now and again! If not, no worries. This pack is truly exceptional man.
  5. This is one of my favorite ELS vehicles on this site. I truly love the detail and the handling. Thank you for all the work you put into it, @POLICESCO! One quick question on the vehicle that is nagging at me (I have OCD and the small details kill me), but when the rear window lights (TA lightbar) is 'On', the light reflections are incorrect. Meaning when the light bar hits the red LED's, the reflections on the street, wall, etc. is Blue. When the light hits the Blue LED's, the reflections on walls are red. It's like it's backwards or reversed. And this is the only vehicle in my fleet that does it. Does anyone know of a way to fix that? I love this vehicle, but have been using a worse alternative to ensure the lights are all accurate. Not a knock at all on your vehicle, just a minor annoyance of mine. You truly did an incredible job, bud! Thanks to anyone that can help!
  6. Hello All, Started up my YouTube channel yesterday! The channel will mainly focus on LSPDFR/FiveM Videos and occasionally will showcase new & popular video games that I am checking out. *Full Disclosure: It is a bit harder to commentate AND play/focus on the game than I originally thought. Thus, I suck worse than the veterans of YouTube. Please go easy on me and hopefully you feel bad enough for me to throw me a like/subscribe.* I plan to have this ongoing, so feel free to leave constructive criticism/feedback. Come ride along with me as I try to become the greatest cop in Los Santos history (It may take a while) and share my adventures!
    This is truly an incredible pack and has already been used multiple times today since installing it. Can't even choose a favorite. I grew up in SW Fort Worth, TX (basically Benbrook area), so I also feel an emotional connection to the style as well. Incredibly accurate, t0y. This will be in-game for quite awhile.
  7. That makes sense. I guess I wasn't sure what the VCF entirely covered and was hoping they were "swappable" in a way in regards to the part of code - Forced Patterns, but stoked it can still be done with a little research/testing. Thanks for letting me know and the help as always, Kallus!
  8. Hello LSPDFR, Hope everyone is having a good Thursday mornin'. I have a question regarding ELS + Siren Patterns (mainly about them syncing). So here is the quick rundown: I downloaded BradM's BCSO Sheriff and LSPD Pack (Both ELS) and installed them. Both work completely fine and are incredible vehicle packs (especially once you switch the light bar to clear on his LSPD Pack). On his Sheriff Pack; He has it set-up so the lights will auto-sync with my sirens. I.E. when it's the "Wee-Woo" slow back and forth, my lights match the siren sound. When I lay on the airhorn - the lights go to a steady burn. Really, really nice touch. However, on his LSPD Pack, that unfortunately does not happen. I do love the customization for ELS and spent nearly two hours the other night driving around just admiring the different patterns, but I do love the ability to sync lights with sirens and feel it adds a good amount of immersion to the game. Finally to the question: Is it possible to simply open up his Sheriff VCF and copy/paste the "Forced Pattern" mode or whatever it is called (I'm at work so can't go back in and look) to his LSPD VCF files? It seems like that would work and be the most simple method, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this request/experience. If it has to be done by the model author/creator, I understand, just thought I would ask. Thanks again for all your work on this site. It is truly appreciated.
  9. And you are hitting Ctrl + P to pull up the control panel? The game will pause - unpause the game and the panel should be there. Simple, I know, but some forget that you have to launch it.
  10. Niki - I think you are asking how to get back to full screen mode after getting the game to launch using "Force Windowed Mode", is that correct? I had to do that as well to get the game to launch, but as soon as I am in the game, I hit Start to pull up the pause menu, then find Video or Graphics settings (can't remember which for sure) and then there should be an option for full-screen mode. Use that. You can also try Alt + enter (toggles full screen) and let me know if you can see your Smart Radio... You are hitting the correct button on the dpad, right?
  11. Not at all my man! LSPDFR. I'll try to upload one of the night-time shots as the reflections looked good as well. Thank you again.
    Really good first crack at skins. The colors are unique (at least for me) and everything looks to be where it is supposed to as far as signage is concerned. Thanks for making these. Good job! Screenshot of the slicktop Tahoe in-game.
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