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  1. I predict it will be released on 17th
    I wish I can Rate more than 5 stars amazing mod bro
  2. Thank you soo much... i thought there was something wrong with my game appreciate it
  3. here you go bro RagePluginHook.log after I created this topic, lspdfr stopped crashing when I become a cop, lol I don't understand, it's trolling me
  4. I know it a problem with LSPDFR because right after I choose my model and my vehicle, it works for 10+ seconds Everything Freezes around for 6 seconds then boom, crash. and it was working fine yesterday, any solutions and suggestions? the image below is the Logs from RagePluginHook.Log
    amazing, I wish I can rate more than 5 stars.... well done can't wait for more vehicles from you
  5. there's nothing in the .yft for all of the vehicles
  6. im doing the same, sadly i have to edit all the cars handling line to my liking because all of them are back to default gta handling congrats
  7. idk really, i wish i can help more but thats all what i did
  8. i really want to show you how i did it but that message wont pop up again
  9. I'm playing lspdfr right now after I did that
  10. I have the solution ( it worked with me), open openIV, click on your mods folder, click edit and then a green note will pop up, it will say something like update your mods folder to a recent update ( it said something similar to that ) and there will be a clickable button says update mods folder.
  11. amazing pack man.... well done are you gonna add more vehicles
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