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  1. MPatullo

    4K Texture Overhaul Mega Pack

    Stop downloading them car by car then. You don't have to be a jerk about it. You're telling me you'd rate it less than you already have solely based on the release date? Thats just illogical. Besides, why would it matter to you whether they're released all at once or not? It's you who decides to download the pack in the first place. I do what works for my schedule, because I'm a very busy guy. If I released them all at once you wouldn't see any content for months. Posting them somewhat regularly keeps the pack moving. If my content doesn't particularly appeal to your taste, that's fine with me, but don't go out of your way to criticize something. Nothing you said there was constructive, so consider it ignored. You don't see me posting bad reviews on anything you've produced, because I know you put time and effort into what you create, just like me. So next time, please THINK before you comment or review anyone's content. I hope you understand what I'm getting at.
  2. Hey everyone! I hope this is the best place for me to post about some persistent issues I have with my game. Whether I'm playing in story mode, online, or in LSPDFR, occasionally the sky will vanish and turn pitch black. Sometimes it even doubles the texture on the ground, as you can see below. The only things that will remain on the horizon, if you will, are skyscrapers, trees, mountains, etc. It's gotten so annoying to the point where it gives me a headache to have to stare at a half black screen. Sometimes the sky displays perfectly fine, which is why I'm stumped right now. My computer does have the necessary system requirements, but gameplay does lag a little so I downgraded some of my settings to make it run smoother, if that has any impact on what's going on. Are there any suggestions some of you might have to either improve texture quality/decrease pixel size as well as keep the sky present? Thanks! Screenshots:
  3. MPatullo

    4K Texture Overhaul Mega Pack

    Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! As far as the CVPI goes, I'll take a look. Thanks for the heads up. The township textures are nearly complete. I have two more on the way...but there's lots more to come afterward, so please stay tuned!
  4. MPatullo

    2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon MARKED

    @CanadapoliceOfficial First off, amazing work. This is truly an incredibly accurately detailed model. I'm currently in the process of making a texture with a black background, but every time I import it into Open IV, in game it shows up as a faded version of my skin. Any idea why this might be the case and is there any solution to it? Thanks a bunch.
  5. MPatullo

    LSPD Pack K-9 Typo Fix

    Hah I see now. Thanks very much!
  6. MPatullo

    LSPD Pack K-9 Typo Fix

    What do you mean?
  7. MPatullo

    LSPD Pack K-9 Typo Fix

    @Jfloyd17 I assume you know what font those words are in, since you made the correction. I cant find that lettering style anywhere and I think its pretty bad ass. Mind telling me what font it is?
  8. MPatullo

    2016 California Highway Patrol MegaPack

    Hey @Thehurk I know someone asked you this already, but could I also get a copy of the template for your Expedition? That is, if your hard drive was recovered. This pack is awesome and I use all your vehicles in my game. Thanks a bunch!
  9. MPatullo

    Lenco Variation

    @Cosmo I haven't had any luck attaching trailers to the back of the BearCat. I tried a few different ones of various sizes, but nothing did the trick. Would you or anyone else have some input?
  10. MPatullo

    4K Texture Overhaul Mega Pack

    That's awesome! I hope you enjoy the upcoming pack then! I'm going to get stuff rolling out ASAP, but I figured I'd give it some starter attention by posting the first skin on its own. Once this thing is complete hopefully it'll blow more than just my own mind away
  11. Version 2.1.0


    Thank you for checking out the 4K Texture Overhaul Mega Pack! CURRENT STATUS: TRANSITION PERIOD ESTIMATED RE-RELEASE: By 2017 TOTAL TEXTURE COUNT: 108 CHANGE IS COMING!!! - Switching texture format and vehicle setup to LSPD and Sheriff/FBI Packs by Captain14 - Overall texture detail additions including license plates and badges - Improved accuracy regarding textures for certain vehicles so that vehicle-texture combinations reflect real life AS A HOLIDAY GIFT 5 VEHICLES WILL BE COMPLETED AND RELEASED BY 2017 (35 textures): 2011 CVPI, 2013 FPIS, 2011 GHOST CVPI, 2015 TAHOE, 2013 K-9 TAHOE Thank you for your patience during this transition, as it has been a tough decision for me whether or not to transfer to Captain14's vehicles. Once finals are over and the holiday break begins, textures will be uploaded more regularly. Thank you again! Using this texture pack in a video will earn you a subscriber and maybe even a feature on THIS PAGE! Check FAQ below for details. General Information Though this is my first LSPDFR file that I've posted to the community, I have made several files for personal use. I'd like to share what I've produced with others in case they would like to use any of the material. I do ask that I am credited appropriately, however, if you decide to utilize them for your own purposes. This is a work in progress. It may not seem like much at all yet, but I promise greatness in return for a little bit of patience. Please keep a note of the estimated date of the next release because a new vehicle texture will likely be posted at that time. These liveries are based on those used in my area as well as the surrounding superior jurisdictions. The objective of this pack is to contain the following textures in the finished product: Hillsborough Township Police Somerset County Sheriff NJ State Police NJ Park Police Port Authority of NY & NJ FBI ...and many more to be revealed! Other Details Most liveries contain 7 variations of the same texture but with different unit numbers. *These unit numbers originate from the LSPDFR backup audios that play when backup is called. In my opinion, this allows for a deeper immersion in the game, since the backup units that reply match the vehicle's markings.* Unit numbers include: Adam 4: A-4 Adam 6: A-6 Bobcat 4: B-4 Charlie 4: C-4 Ocean 1: O-1 Queen 2: Q-2 Victor 13: V-13 (You know, the one that spends all his time "at the little coffee shop around the corner") Helicopters will have 8 different liveries, with 1 special TBA livery. A handful of specific vehicles will have an additional K-9 variation, and a few specialized vehicles will have bonus "ghosted" liveries. I intend on making liveries for the following vehicles: 2006 Ford CVPI (Vector) 2011 Ford CVPI (Liberty, Unmarked) 2013 Ford Interceptor 2013 Dodge Charger (FBI) 2013 Chevy Tahoe (K-9, FBI) 2015 Dodge Charger 2015 Chevy Tahoe 2016 Ford Explorer ...and more to come (including non-police vehicles)! Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do you install the textures? A: 99% of the time reading the READ ME is 100% of the time a good place to start. If you're still having issues, message me. DON'T write a bad review. Q: Can I use these textures in a video, clan, etc.? A: Message me. If you use them in a video and let me know, you just earned a subscriber and maybe a feature on this page. Q: Why do your screenshots look like Picasso took a shit all over your screen? A: Its my computer...I hate just as much as you do. But the textures are 4K. Q: Can you make a vehicle with my custom unit number? A: Ask nicely and I'd be more than happy to. Q: You're missing a certain detail on your texture. Can you add it? A: Absolutely. Just let me know what it is and where it goes, and I'll re-release it. Q: Can you send me this, that, and the other thing? A: Message me, be specific, and I'll do my best. Q: Why don't you release more than a few vehicles at once? A: My schedule doesn't usually permit otherwise. Q: Can you do this texture/vehicle next? A: Maybe. If it's a vehicle I haven't done before, let me know. Q: How long did this take you? A: Too long. Q: No, really, how long? A: That's what she said. Next question. Vehicle Information Most of the above vehicles are courtesy of Captain14's LSPD and Sheriff/FBI vehicle packs, all of which are excellent files that I recommend looking into. The links to all of the vehicles I've mentioned thus far are included below. There are more unannounced textures for different vehicles that I don't want to reveal just yet. Please stay tuned for more!