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    AlboGaming reacted to Officer Wade in Why 2016 Ford explorer's Thehurk keep crashing in game when exported z3d   
    Sometimes it can cause the game to crash. It could also be a certain part you've added to the model too
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    AlboGaming reacted to Giordano in Slow motion when aiming   
    Your topic has been moved to GTA V Support, this is not LSPDFR related.
    Please post in the correct location in the future.
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    AlboGaming reacted to AussieMerc in Car spawning without some parts and its floating   
    Have you checked your zmodeler output logs? It nearly always tells you that something is wrong on the exporting, which in turns tells you what you need to look at. Might be something in there that is breaking due to an id or part name or what not. Have a bit of a look, may be something very simple.
    Good luck,