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    Reddington got a reaction from ImSynthex in Dim ELS lights for LSPDFR   
    My apologies.  Open OpenIV, go to mods / update / update / common / data.  Look for visualsettings.dat.  Drag it onto your desktop.  Right click and edit it with notepad or notepad++.  Press CTRL F once it's opened, and look for "car.def", you should be brought to this
    Underneath this is
    Change the day percentage to 6000.00
    and change night to 1500.00
    Next, save the changes.  Then click "edit mode" in OpenIV, and drag the edited visualsettings back to where you got it from.  Click "edit mode again" to turn off editing mode, and you're good.
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    Reddington got a reaction from Niedosik in Tucson police investigating "suspicious white powder"   
    Taken from their FB page - https://www.facebook.com/TucsonPoliceDepartment/
    I love that they did this and commend them for having a great sense of humor.
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    Reddington got a reaction from Ahmad Riyad in LSPDFR crash - "out of range exception"   
    Has anyone gotten this LSPDFR crash before? I have no idea what it means. "Exception type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException. Exception message: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."
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    Reddington got a reaction from X3RX1S in ELS ist not working   
    Do you have ScriptHookV?
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    Reddington reacted to Thebomber in takedown lights are lighting the other way   
    alright thank you very much 
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    Reddington reacted to Chairdolf Sitler in OPEN IV Missing Files?   
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    Reddington got a reaction from Chairdolf Sitler in OPEN IV Missing Files?   
    The mods folder is like a Lego block.  By itself, it has nothing.  The parts need to be added to make it something more.
    In English:  You have to add the patchdays. Go into the vanilla patchday and click "edit mode", you will see a red warning box telling you that you're editing vanilla files.  It will also give you the option to create this path in the mods folder.  Do it.
    You will need to do this for each patchday you want.
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    Reddington reacted to danksg in Peds Stealing Pulled Over Cars   
    Hahaha just another day in the madness that is GTAV! Okay, it's time for my shift. Heading in for a patrol. 
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    Reddington reacted to danksg in Peds Stealing Pulled Over Cars   
    Ohhhhhh.. I think this could be it. Cos I've noticed this only happens when traffic is blocked and all sorts of honking is going on. But it didn't happen to me before in 0.3 though, so I'm not entirely sure. Thanks for the input!
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    Reddington reacted to silentwings in Disable Xbox controller buttons   
    Thank you! - and thanks @Narobic! 
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    Reddington got a reaction from silentwings in Disable Xbox controller buttons   
    Use this mod, it is VERY helpful. 

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    Reddington got a reaction from Narobic in Disable Xbox controller buttons   
    Use this mod, it is VERY helpful. 

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    Reddington got a reaction from Captain Peanut in Xscanner..oh my gosh! what a super mod for LSPDFR!   
    XScanner is indeed a really good mod, but the one thing I hate and that stops me from using it is that eventually it loops and you hear the same exact thing over and over.  I just use Broadcastify.  It's real, live audio and you can mix it up and choose a different department to listen to each time.
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    Reddington reacted to zach016 in Was LSPDFR 0.4 rushed?   
    Really, it seems more that everyone is too rushed to throw things on top of LSPDFR 0.4, that is causing most of the issues.
    The amount of threads requesting support, that also involve people having X-Y-Z installed on top of 0.4, vastly outnumber those people having issues with only the base mod.
    The only issue i've (thankfully, I realize experiences will differ) personally run into is the texture loss issue, which very well could just be running into a limitation of the game itself when combined with 0.4 (I've had it in 0.3 as well, just not nearly to the same degree). It sucks, and hopefully something can be done about it, but at the end of the day the game can only be pushed so far.
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    Reddington reacted to FKDZ in Xscanner..oh my gosh! what a super mod for LSPDFR!   
    Yeah it's pretty great although I've stopped using it because I've started to hear more repeats. Personally what I use is now is just an actual real life dispatch radio. Like this: https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/26569/web 
    That website is full of dispatch radio's and its awesome to listen to, even more so when something is actually happening which could be at any moment. But also mundane things like open mics and such. You do need to take a moment to find the channel with the best quality though, imo the one I linked is really good. One of the most popular channels if the chicago one, always something going on there. 
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    Reddington reacted to Pazzi in Fps drops issue albo1125 plugins   
    it's a classic issue which also happened on LSPDFR 0.3
    to reduce the FPS drop, I removed Arrest Manager and use Stop The Ped instead
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    Reddington reacted to danielep83 in File hidden from public   
    Yeah, it was caused by my browser. Thank you for your patience.
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    Reddington got a reaction from Voit Turyv in [Request] Lore Friendly Non-ELS LSPD Supercars   
    There are a few individual non ELS super cars that I believe are on here and 5 mods.  Recently, there was a super car dlcpack that I love.  It is Blaine County, though.

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    Reddington got a reaction from Slendis in Was LSPDFR 0.4 rushed?   
    You need to remember that with every new version of LSPDFR, there will always be a flood of support topics from people needing help, and a good majority of those people are most likely brand new players who found the mod today, or were 0.3 players who have not ever experienced a new LSPDFR version are confused.  A common issue we're seeing is people throwing 0.4 in their directory, which has 0.3 based callouts and other plugins and expecting it to work.  0.4 came with a new api, meaning a lot of mods are not going to work until those individual ones are updated. 
    LSPDFR by itself has always been stable and playable.  I think the biggest issue here is that people assume LSPDFR dependent plugins can be installed and worked flawlessly.  That's never the case, for anyone at all.  The plugins you install need to be managed, most commonly updated, and when using these plugins, there is always a chance of a crash.  It's part of modding GTA, there is no avoiding it. 
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    Reddington reacted to Fox7 in Was LSPDFR 0.4 rushed?   
    I can only speak from my own experience and therefore cant generalise for everyone but i hope what i put shows that maybe its not LSPDFR but setup.
    My PC isnt top quality. I run a GTX750 nvidia which today is a low spec graphics card. I have 8gb of ram and not a top of the line processor. I cant even play fallout4 without loosing almost all texture quality at mid graphics level.
    But right now i am able to play LSPDFR 0.4 with all the updated plugins without any crashes or texture issues. This wasn't just a one of lucky install either. I spent every day almost since 0.4 release testing plugins and mods and through elimination finally have a good setup. One small conclusion is that i dont try to use any plugins that if possible that hasn't been updated for 0.4. 
    at the moment i use :
    LSPDFR 0.4
    Ragehook ( latest version)
    ScripthookV ( latest version)
    Simple Trainer ( latest version)
    EUP and its needed additional mods ( 0.4)
    OpenIV ( latest version)
    Stop The Ped ( 0.4)
    Ultimate Backup ( 0.4)
    PeterUCallouts ( 0.4)
    Common Callouts ( 0.4)
    Assorted Callouts ( 0.4)
    ELS ( latest version)
    Xscanner ( latest version)
    PoliceSmartRadio ( 0.4)
    Traffic Policer ( 0.4)
    Computer+ (0.4)
    Law Packs+ ( 0.4)
    I only run 2 vehicle packs. LSPD vehicle pack with Wheelen Liberty( ELS), and Blaine County Sherrif Pack.
    I carefully followed both the FirstThirtyMinutes and Benzo Effect in their very good Youtube tutorials on how to install these and also have been regularly discussing issues and help here in the forums. Its important to carefully map all your keys so none conflict as i think this helps the game run smoother and with less hiccups. Right now i can start LSPDFR and play for as long as i wish with no crashes or texture issues. 
    With any heavily modded game it always takes time and lots of tweaking and mistakes and tests but its worth it. I really want to add LSPDFR+ and Interactions+ and a few other great mods but i wont even touch them until they are updated properly for 0.4 because LSPDFR needs that. To rush and try to use a older version will crash my game. So patience is key too.
    The LSPDFR team have brought us a really super update in 0.4  but  cannot be expected to take responsibility for the mods we add or our errors we get with our mods. They will i am sure fix 0.4 itself as any bugs arrive or when they wish to add more features etc and they always try to help and give advice and if there is a way they can help with updates to fix things like FPS then i am sure they will but at the end of the day any modding of it that we do is on ourselves. They gave us the foundation. we build what we wish on that and except the risk.
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    Reddington got a reaction from riquebr in I'm a console player and want to play LSPDFR. Where do I start?   
    We often get questions from console players asking how they can play LSPDFR on console, or they want to switch to PC but have no idea how to get started.  In order to not deceive anyone, let me be clear that LSPDFR  is a PC only modification.  Cyan (one of the developers) has said a few times that there is a good chance it will always be PC only. 
    Side note:  LCPDFR is for GTA IV, and LSPDFR is for GTA V.  Making this clarification because people regularly confuse the two and cause confusion for others. 😛
    This leaves only one option, getting a PC. If you've only played on console, the PC world can be confusing at first.  What do I buy?  What runs games the best?  I assume all computers can run games equally. Do I have to use mouse/keyboard?  Desktop or laptop?
    I've been in your position before.  I started off playing some of the original consoles all the way up until the PS3 before I switched to PC.  Lets address the whole desktop vs laptop question.  Desktops are better and generally offer a lot more power, however gaming laptops can be good if you're willing to fork over the cash.  One of the biggest differences from console and PC gaming is prices.  PCs can cost a shit ton, especially if you regularly replace parts for the newest and best.  Some people opt to build their own gaming PC, which is cheaper to do.  There are plenty of tutorials out there if it's something you wish to try.  Regardless of laptop or desktop, the more expensive a computer is the better it will be.  There might be rare exceptions where a cheap desktop runs a game like GTA V with mods at good fps, but for the most part, expensive is better! 
    If you're still asking laptop or desktop, it comes down to you and what is more comfortable and convenient for you.  If you're a console player who has never used a desktop or rarely ever uses one (lets face it, in this day and age most people just use their phones), it might be awkward at first to get use to things. I recommend you go out to whatever local place sells PCs and you play around with their display laptop and desktops, see which you like better.  I will note, if you go for a laptop, you 100% need to buy a mouse separately.  The laptop track pad is garbage.
    If you want recommendations, or want an opinion on a PC you're considering, feel free to post here - https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/813-computers-technology-gaming/
    Quick note: You cannot go into GTA online with mods.  If you want to play GTA Online as well, I recommend keeping two directories, a vanilla/clean one and one for mods.
    Once you have your PC and you're ready to get into LSPDFR, here are the first steps you need.  I will not be providing a tutorial on how to install any of this!  Both LSPDFR and RagePluginHook come with readmes that tell you how.  There are also plenty of tutorials on Youtube.
    1) Download LSPDFR from here:
    2) Go to the RagePluginHook website and download the latest version:  http://ragepluginhook.net/Downloads.aspx
    Note: You need to do it in the order shown.  LSPDFR does come bundled with Rage, but it's an outdated version.  If you install Rage first, then LSPDFR, there's a good chance you'll overwrite the new version with the old.
    3) Launch RPH and verify LSPDFR is working as intended.
    If you see the police station icons on the map, you can open the Rage menu with F4, and you can go on duty to be a cop, congratulations, you have got things working and can begin your patrol!
    If you're having trouble installing LSPDFR, or something isn't working as it should, please create a new topic here and someone will help - https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/907-lspdfr-support/
    By default, LSPDFR comes with only two-three callouts.  If you want to add more for variety, check out the plugins section of our downloads - https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/
    Downloading other mods is optional, but most people go for more because they want to enhance their game and/or make it personalized.  You can either keep the game lore friendly (IE Los Santos Police, Blaine County Sheriff), or you can download mods that have real life liveries and names.  It is your game, you can mod it however you want.  There's no right or wrong way in terms of personalization.
    There's so much you can do with your game on PC, so don't worry if it's overwhelming.  We're here to help if you need it. 🙂
    Welcome to LSPDFR, hope you have a good shift!
    - Ez
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    Reddington got a reaction from bikinichampagne in Custom police cars cause buildings and texture pop in. Code 99 need backup!   
    Are you 100% sure it is custom vehicles related?  Have you removed all custom vehicles and tried playing with vanilla cars?

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    Reddington got a reaction from EvilTerabite in ELS LSPDFR 0.4   
    The TrafCTRL for ELS has always been there since ELS's release. 😛  I even included the fix for it in my FAQs.  Terabite didn't expand on what was happening, so that's why I asked before assuming. 🙂
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    Reddington reacted to UnknownBastion in Tucson police investigating "suspicious white powder"   
    I loved this, as well as the tactical snowball fight that took place between the Duvall Police Department and some neighborhood kids. I really enjoyed that video.
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    Reddington got a reaction from IItssUzii in Lspdfr 0.3 download   
    Hello, and welcome!  There is another topic two threads before yours asking about this.  In the future, please browse the forum prior to asking just to avoid clutter. 🙂
    You can get the 0.3 download here -
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