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  1. Hopefully. I've noticed one or two around here lately, which is nice... I think they went iLoads because Hilux's got so pricey... which is ironic because the iLoads seem to be far less reliable.
  2. Probably see a lot more now the Commodore is finished up.
  3. I’ve had a few Klugers, just upgraded to a 2017 model this year. Beautiful cars. ACT Police have a couple of unmarked ones.
  4. They might have to come back with the end of the Commodore/Falcon ute... and everyone else seeming to phase out the Hilux/Rangers...
  5. Saw the new ACT Policing lightbar today. Looks like it's gonna be a Code 3 Pursuit.
  6. Slow reply, sorry, it's been absolutely non-stop. One of the local brigades summed it up the other night with this facebook post: We did end up getting a lot of media. Not much from channel 7 though. Hah.
  7. True. Plenty of ABC and Sky News journos on the fireground today. Should have got business cards for you guys to contact them about this crap. Hah.
  8. Amazed they're still reporting this when I spent 12 hours out fighting a massive bushfire yesterday with a tonne of homes lost. You know, real news.
  9. True. I am from our bush WA where anything with an alcohol content goes... prefer a top shelf scotch though. And in my defence, only drink them when they're opened by the mrs and its 'just a taste'.
  10. Said it a few times throughout this thread but I strongly advise against photographing police in the current security climate. Anything you want to share is probably already online somewhere taken by someone else but I can say with certainty that the current climate is leading to intelligence and security reports being created when police notice they are being photographed. Unattended vehicles less of an issue but with members I would be very cautious of, especially around stations.
  11. Is that an Omega with the 90 series bar? Did I miss it getting released?! Wasn't a huge fan of the old style. Hate the new one. Dislike. Can't help but think Victoria has bigger issues to put money toward then redesigning their vehicles...
  12. Maybe the other three quarters of the livery fell off when it was trying to go fast...
  13. Saw new(?) VICPol CIRT van today. 0/10. Fugly. Looks half assed, like the dude making the livery lost interest after pressing 'fill colour grey'.