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  1. Is there any way to add these cars to spawn in during pursuits as I can't find anything online to help?
  2. Is there any handling file for a dodge ram? I replaced this with an add-on car spot, but I have put the handling ID under pranger so it would be like if I replaced it instead of addeedon it.
  3. Could you please make a handling line for a 2012 Dodge 1500?
  4. I was mistaken with what I said, sorry.
  5. What texture file did you edit on the ambulance by ALLENjr12 to make the glass clear in your screenshots?
  6. Is there any more updates on the progress of the model, because it looks so cool and I can't wait till I have this in my game.
  7. I was wondering how to configure the game config file and add more vehicles.
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