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    Hello everybody! I would like to let you guys know I will be taking a break from modeling till February due to lots of school work I need to focus on, and exams in January and will December, its obvious; family time and Christmas. I'm hoping to get the NYPD Taurus out before Christmas, it will be my gift to you guys.  I'm just waiting for the new script hook to be released because I always forget to back up my game. Anyways this is why you guys haven't heard from me in a while. Merry Christmas! See you guys February!
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    Hmmm...  I'd say this is still pretty active... 
    Introducing the San Andreas Joint Records System (SAJRS) -- A records system that combines databases from multiple jurisdictions and professions into one large, useful database.  
    From here you can access reports from other individuals in many areas of public service.
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    officialhotchiptv reacted to Atwood16 in BxBugs123 Cvpi issue   
    Every time I add Bxbugs cvpi in the police slot 1 it eventually just breaks and the carvarations and the light's will no longer work and I can't figure out why
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    Hello guys!! This is my 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 work in progress, any suggestions or reviews would be greatly appreciated!
    I plan on getting new rims and a Whelen Edge Ultra Freedom!

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    Hi people!
    So I thought I updated this earlier, but I guess when the server hard drive got fried it deleted that post.  So the issues we where having earlier are long since over and everything is good.  The ambulance is making progress slowly, and I will keep you all posted.  On the brighter side take a look at what we have just finished up (Hint... it's a Burbank Police Department cvpi pack)  If enough people want them we'll go ahead and release the textures.  
    West Valley Designs Team
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