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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Dear all, 
    As many of you will have noticed, my activity in the LSPDFR scene has decreased significantly over the past few months. There are many reasons for this, the details of which I won't bore you with. It mostly comes down to being busy with other things in my life, as well as LSPDFR becoming less interesting for me having played it for so long and the introduction of frameworks allowing modded GTA5 multiplayer environments (read: FiveM).
    How times have changed since when I joined the community in 2015, from me taking an interest in learning to code in C# to having multiple plugins released on the site. It's been one heck of a journey here. I recall well the first 'mod' I uploaded for the LSPDFR community, which was called 'More Jail Points' at the time. This was first published for RAGEPluginHook 0.20. This later evolved into 'More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter' and is now known as the all-so-familiar Arrest Manager. When I was contacted by @dbock1989, who was so enthusiastic about my More Jail Points & Prisoner Transporter plugin at the time, I couldn't quite believe it. He had been so kind as to create a variety of images related to the plugin (see below)! It frankly couldn't have been a more exciting moment at the time and, alongside other overwhelmingly positive and welcoming feedback, served as a major motivation factor for me to continue learning to code and create plugins.

    Following this, I was looking to give more purpose to the LSPDFR traffic stop system. And so, Traffic Policer was born - a plugin originally intended to add a few ambient events related to traffic offences. This has now grown into one of my most feature-packed plugins to date. By this time, some YouTubers started using my plugins in their videos. Not only was this a great way for me to obtain feedback on my mods' user experience, I also watched @Zachary Houseknecht with great pleasure while my ANPR Hit AI lit many of his police vehicles on fire... An absolute howler: https://youtu.be/4D8HshZzWMQ?t=606
    Some weeks on and Assorted Callouts was next in line. This was originally created out of a callout idea by  @CaptainSugarFree  and turned into what is now known as the Pacific Bank Heist. This took about 4 weeks of intensive development to fully complete (and am I shocked at the code quality looking back at it now... works though). As the first of its kind, the callout featured voice-overs and an intense, detailed SWAT based LSPDFR callout. I was incredibly proud for this to be featured on @Jeff Favignano's channel and I see now that the video in question has amassed over 1.9 million views... breathtaking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIXKvUyzylA
    Moving on again. At this point, @FinKone had managed to get me into YouTube. After having released British Policing Script, longing for an LSPDFR experience closer to home for me, many longed a version of the plugin for international and American users to incorporate the traffic stop improvements and a court system. With that, I released LSPDFR+ by doing my first ever YouTube live stream, which was quite the experience. After this, I released Siren Mastery, PoliceSmartRadio and a variety of other tools and smaller plugins. Many hours of coding, effort, stress, giving support and obtaining feedback had been put in by this point. I was absolutely chuffed to then achieve one million downloads on my published files...
    This figure has since risen to over five million.
    Following some negative coverage of LSPDFR in some of the Australian media, I'm also very happy that Wired UK decided to publish an overwhelmingly positive article on the whole GTA5 police modding scene: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/gta-5-mods-lsdpfr-british-police?utm_content=buffer9ca53
    After PoliceSmartRadio's release - with the infamous April FoolsRadio download giving four thousand people a perhaps frustratingly good laugh - I placed the whole modding scene lower in my priority list. As mentioned previously, this has since been pushed far further down.
    Some thoughts on the community's development over time
    I would describe the LSPDFR community as healthy. @Sam @LMS and all the other contributors have created something very special for all the right reasons and this is largely reflected in the attitudes of the staff & moderation team and community members. With publishing mods on a popular website like this, unfortunately, comes some drama and negativity - and while I have not always agreed with the way and speed the moderation team dealt with my reports relating to me and my work, they have done a good job overall. The few issues that I experienced were all resolved. From my experience in the plugin side of the modding scene, this continues to be the case now.
    One thing I noted during the months that passed is that both experienced but particularly newer modders are now frequently treated with disdain in the scene. The modding scene has grown massively since when I first started and unfortunately, in this area, it shows. Everyone starts somewhere and the fact someone is spending their free time creating something for all of you to download, for free, has become massively underappreciated and taken for granted. Sure, a new modders' release may be full of bugs and be nowhere near as feature-rich as more developed plugins, but this takes time to solve. Had I received the negative feedback I've seen on many a new modder's release page back in 2015, you can rest assured I wouldn't have continued my development here. When providing feedback, by all means, point out the issues, but do so in a friendly, constructive manner, not in an entitled, toxic one. Have a look at the first few comments on my Arrest Manager download page to see what that is like - this was a major factor for me to consider continuing development! It is essential for the development of the LSPDFR modding community that this attitude is changed back to what it was in the 'good old days'.
    With all that said, I also hope the release of LSPDFR 0.4 kicks a breath of fresh air into the now somewhat stale core LSPDFR modification. With over 2 years having passed since the latest update of the core modification, I'm sure we all agree that an update would be a very welcome step. From the various preview posts released by the development team, it looks that we all have something great to look forward to there.
    'Retirement'? So does that mean you're permanently done with the LSPDFR modding scene?
    No, but I won't be actively developing plugins for LSPDFR any more. To be fair, nothing's really changing much now compared to the past few months. I intend to remain as a member of the LSPDFR Testing Team and I'm sure I'll be drawn back in at some point to explore some of the new development options in the 0.4 API. I'll also stay around on my discord and occasionally the forums and I intend to continue publishing occasional videos on my Youtube channel. And yes, for those that know and enjoy it, I'm also planning to continue writing blog posts on UK road safety . If my time and motivation levels allow, I may publish some minor updates to my current mods before 0.4 is released. The fact remains, however, that I would currently classify myself as 'inactive' in the scene. With so much other stuff going on, I simply don't have the time to commit that I used to. It would be a pity to say the least to let all my work slowly deteriorate and waste away. Therefore, I've decided to publish the source code to some of my plugins to https://github.com/Albo1125/. At the very least, I would like it to be a learning resource for other ambitious plugin developers in the scene. At best, I hope other developers will take it upon themselves to improve the code where necessary (yes it is very necessary!) and create pull requests to share those improvements. These can then be merged and released, with credits obviously included for contributors.
    Back when I started developing for LSPDFR, very few learning resources were available bar the great example project by @LukeD . This hasn't really changed since, despite the creation of the LSPDFR API repository by LMS (https://github.com/LMSDev/LSPDFR-API) and some posts aiming to document the LSPDFR functions by myself in the API development subforum. A noteable step was the creation of the LSPDFR Developers Discord server thanks to  @Stealth22 A full post with current development resources can be found here: 
    I'm planning to publish the source code to a number of my plugins one-by-one to improve this and give something to the community:
    Arrest Manager: https://github.com/Albo1125/Arrest-Manager  Assorted Callouts: https://github.com/Albo1125/Assorted-Callouts Albo1125.Common: https://github.com/Albo1125/Albo1125-Common Traffic Policer: https://github.com/Albo1125/Traffic-Policer LSPDFR+: https://github.com/Albo1125/LSPDFRPlus British Policing Script: https://github.com/Albo1125/British-Policing-Script  
    By no means do I claim that any of the code I post is perfect or amazing - on the contrary, far from it. With the experience I have now from studying a BSc in Computer Science, reading through some of my old code makes me want to tear my hair out. This is only to be expected, though - most of my plugins were created as part of my learning experience of C#. Prior to this, I had no coding experience or knowledge. It's fascinating to see how the quality of my code has evolved over time by looking at my various different plugins in order of initial release date.
    Wrapping up. I hope this post provides some clarification and closure for those of you wondering where on earth I've been over the past few months. It's been an absolute blast and a pleasure. To all of you who were a part of my journey here, thank you.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Double Doppler in Memory Lane - December 12, 2014   
    This takes me back, haven't done much modding for a while
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Liberty City Coming to GTA V By the OpenIV Team   
    I would definitely aim to support it.
    LSPDFR won't need an update unless you're someone that insists on going to the police station to go on duty every time (just use the force duty command).
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    festivalmatt reacted to Gazarhya in Gazarhya's LSPDFR Series.   
    Found some old footage of me and some friends "roleplaying" as British Poilce. Managed to cobble together a video...
     with Albo1125 
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in [WIP][REL] Police SmartRadio - The Successor to Police Radio   
    For those who were interested in the customisation options for SmartRadio.
    A release should be relatively close at hand now! I'm currently at the stage of fixing last bugs and removing unwanted behaviour as well as optimizing the API. 
    Early access to Loyalty Participants is also now open.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in One Million Downloads   
    Dear community,
    'Tis the day! 'Tis the hour and the minute, the 10th of October 2016, 22:39 CEST. Everyone over in my Discord server is going crazy and I quite frankly cannot quite grasp what on earth has just gone on. I've just hit a total of one million total downloads here on lcpdfr.com!

    To mark this, if I may say so myself, special occasion, I would absolutely love give a short overview of my time here, but moreover to say many, some overdue, words of thanks.
    I'd like to start with some graphics. @ItsFozzy has very kindly thrown together an amazing infographic at just about the shortest possible notice (thank you SO much again!).
    You can click here to enlarge if necessary.

    You can click here to enlarge if necessary.
    Next up, I'd like to give my limitless, special thanks to the following community members, in no particular order:
    @Sam, @LMS and @MulleDK19 for their continued dedication to both RAGEPluginHook and the First Response series, without which, I definitely wouldn't be writing this right now! @FinKone. Back in July 2015, you as a coder were a massive inspiration to me which ultimately turned out to be one of the deciding factors to start creating script modifications. Since that time, I am very glad to be able to say we have become good friends. Stay safe out there, and I hope we can eventually continue that coding collaboration!  @Stealth22, @alexguirre, @LukeD, @PNWParksFan, @Darkmyre, @Fiskey111, @khorio, @PieRGud, @AlconH and @LtFlash. All of you are amazing modders, and are a pure pleasure to work alongside. Together, we keep the script modification development environment healthy and pleasant, and our collaborative plugins really bring the absolute best out of the police experience in GTA. I can only say that I hope we all stay in it for a long time to come! Thank you to every other scripter who has uploaded script modifications to further enhance police roleplay. Again, there are far too many of you to list right now, but your work definitely doesn't go unnoticed by me! @Zachary Houseknecht, @STEVETHEGAMER, @FirstThirtyMinutes, @Jeff Favignano. Your support has been absolutely overwhelming over the past 15 months - and the fact you have videos out with suspects changing clothes when calling for transport from all the way back in August 2015 only goes to show this further! Thank you for consistently using my modifications in your content, all the kind words and the dedicated support! Thank you to all the other YouTube content creators who support my work and use it in their content. Unfortunately, there are far too many of you to list you all, but I watch all your brilliant content regularly! @55charlie. Your works of art are absolutely compelling and they give a whole new feel to my modifications' download pages. To get an impression of his amazing work, check out the screenshots on the Assorted Callouts download page. Merci beaucoup! @ScottehBoyy, @Gazarhya, @GeekAwesomized, @festivalmatt, @Double Doppler, @Razor792, @ItsFozzy, InTheJungle and AdamPlays. As members of the IGradeGaming crew, you've all done a lot for me behind the scenes and we've had, and continue to have a great time roleplaying British police online in FiveReborn! @Cyan. Special mention to you for managing the site's infrastructure, providing all the useful site APIs and ensuring the site's bandwidth is plenty to make the 1 million download count possible. The coroners weren't lying when they made that certain statement about me! The moderation team. Thank you all for keeping the comment and review sections of all my modifications as clean as you do. Much appreciated! The content team. @Harper, thank you for writing all those lovely reports about my work!  All participants of my Loyalty Rewards Programme. Without you, all of this wouldn't even be close to being possible. Thank you all so much for your continued support and the fun times! Special thanks to @Kilyin for reasons known to us  Thank you to everybody who has continuously offered support in my comments sections! @Kal74, @Quakex64, @Kilyin and all the others, thank you so much for easing my inbox and helping people out! Everybody who has given me loving feedback and reviews, those who have submitted those essential RAGEPluginHook.log files to squash the bugs and those who have continued to make useful suggestions for features to add. And lastly, everybody I haven't mentioned yet! Without you and your support, that one million count would certainly not be there! Finally, I'd like to inform all of you that didn't see this on my YouTube channel yet that my next project is currently a complete rewrite of the good old classic Police Radio! I hope to add some awesome new features in the process and I will keep everyone updated as this project progresses in due course.
    That'll be all from me today! Props to you if you've made it this far into this post, and until the 2 million mark! 
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Notepad++   
    You press Enter?

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    festivalmatt reacted to Panaphoria in I've made a voice pack. All callouts play at a boosted volume.   
    I made the pack: https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/british-police-scanner-lspdfr to simulate British MET callouts during LSPDFR. I made a few iterations months ago and they all played fine in game. Recently I returned to creating more voices for plugins, and even resorted to re-recording the entire pack.
    All of the audio now plays boosted and has become distorted and difficult to listen to, and I'm unsure why.
    The audio in the pack all conforms to at least -0.3db. The pack has been exported in both 16 and 32-bit WAV files. The only difference I can see is that GTA V uses 16000Hz for its audio files and mine is defaulted to 41000Hz. I'm not sure that this would be the problem since the audio I recorded before was also in the 41000Hz project rate, and it played fine.
    Is there any fix or explanation that anyone could provide? It would be much appreciated.
    I will record a sample of what the audio looks like and post it in the comments below.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Common Police Callouts (Suggestion)   
    This may help ya.

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    festivalmatt reacted to Cyan in Download Portal News   
    Hey all,
    In the coming days we'll be hoping to disable the ability to keep old versions of modifications in our downloads section and remove all old versions of files from our system. This feature of the IPS download system has never been fit for purpose, and hasn't really worked right from the inception, with the ability to restore old versions and download them simply not working most of the time. It is completely inconfigurable from an administrative standpoint and we've never been able to, for example, change the default action of saving previous versions to being off without making theme/core edits.
    This action alone should allow us to reclaim around ~150GB of disk space.
    Authors can optionally include old versions as files on their download (which is already done by a lot of authors), or they can create a new file with the old version.
    If you need help retrieving an old file, please let Cyan know before the 9th November.
    We're also hoping to streamline our upload process. We've started work on a new uploader system that we're hoping will be more reliable, provide more verbose details at each stage of the process and deal with very large files. A test of this system should be available by the end of the year.
    If you have any objections or want to air some feedback on any of the above please just leave a comment here!
    EDIT: For clarification, the feature we are removing is this:

    You won't be able to pick old versions and download them. Authors can optionally include old versions as files on their download (which is already done by a lot of authors), or they can create a new file with the old version.
    If you need help retrieving an old file, please let Cyan know before the 9th November.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in [Done] Searching for callouts testers   
    This is a common misconception. Callouts don't interfere with each other as only one callout can be active at the same time.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Lundy in GTA V Sirens Hash List   
    I thought it would be helpful to post the hashes for the sirens in V since most of them are still in the hash code. Make it a bit easier on those siren modders out there.
    0x0EA58C7C - Generic Bullhorn
    0x013F5FE7 - PoliceB Main
    0x17DDFB5C - PoliceB Secondary
    0x0A8960B6 - FIB Primary
    0x0A49B203 - FIB Secondary
    0x0D329446 - Police Primary
    SIREN_2 - Police Secondary
    POLICE_WARNING - Not a clue.
    0x0E0DA7BC - Granger Primary
    0x16E74B3E - Granger Secondary
    0x1C98C4D5 - Ambulance Primary
    0x144C8602 - Ambulance Secondary
    AMBULANCE_WARNING - Wonder what this one could be?
    0x14BFBCE3 - Fire Horn
    0x159C9182 - Fire Primary
    0x161768E7 - Fire Secondary
    Siren Hashes.txt
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    festivalmatt reacted to ReKraM in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    Some patterns I thought about: 
    ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○
    ○○○●○○   ●●●●○○   ●○○○○○   ●●○○○○
    ○○●○○○   ○○●●●●   ●●○○○○   ○○●●○○
    ○○○●○○   ●●●●○○   ●●●○○○   ○○○○●●
    ●●●○○○   ○○●●●●   ●●●●○○   ○○●●○○
    ○○●○○○                    ●●●●●○   ●●○○○○
    ○○○●○○                    ●●●●●●   
    ○○●○○○                    ○●●●●●
    ○○○●●●                    ○○●●●●
    ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○                                
    ●●●○○○   ○○●●○○   ●○○○○○   ●○●○●○
    ○●●●○○   ○●●●●○   ○○○○○●   ○●○●○●
    ○○●●●○   ●●●●●●   ●●○○○○   ●○●●○●
    ○○○●●●   ●●○○●●   ○○○○●●   ○●○○●○
    ○○●●●○   ●○○○○●   ●●●○○○   ●○●●○●
    ○●●●○○   ●●○○●●   ○○○●●●   ●○○●○○
    ●●●○○○   ●●●●●●   ●●●●●●   ○○●○○●
    For a nypd hazard screen style with messages it willl be like this
    Siren 1      Siren 2      Siren 3 
    ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○     ○○○○○○
    POLICE    ○○○○○○     ○○○○○○
    ○○○○○○     STAY       ○○○○○○
    ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○        BACK
    ○○○○○○   ○○○○○○    ○○○○○○ 
    0000 1111 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000
    0000 0000 0000 1111 0000 0000 0000
    0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 1111 0000
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    festivalmatt reacted to ReKraM in [Research/WIP] Custom Light Patterns through carcols.ymt   
    trying new patterns
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Request script for smarter police AI driving   
    If you don't wish to use LSPDFR+'s other features you can disable them in the INI file.
    If you still don't wish to use it for whatever reason (can't imagine why) there's a mod called Safer Chases by Eddlm.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in [WIP][REL] Siren Mastery - Fully control your siren tones!   
    Siren Control is an upcoming script modification that allows you full control over your sirens. Toggle to your secondary siren at the press of a key/button, silence your siren using any key/button you like and even control exactly which 'secondary' siren plays!
    And yes, in case you missed it, SirenControl will have full support for controllers.
    Currently Planned features for initial release:
    Change the siren toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button. Change the 'lights only' toggle key/button and assign it an optional modifier key/button. New 'Toggle Secondary Siren' key/button with an optional modifier key/button. This allows you to switch to secondary sirens without having to hold down a key/button. New 'Toggle Bullhorn' key/button with an optional modifier key/button. This allows you to keep sounding your bullhorn without having to hold down a key/button. Works simultaneously with sirens. Determine the siren tone that should be playing. You are able to select which siren tone to play, including the ability to differentiate between the two secondary sirens. Additional customisable sirens per vehicle model. Allows you to have up to three additional sirens per vehicle model. Customisable Siren Switching Tones (like Siren Switch Honker). Sirens are fully customisable per model via an XML file. The vehicles.awc size and length limits are effectively removed while using SirenControl, allowing for greater siren variety. More to come..Stay tuned. Preview Videos:
    Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme.
    Becoming a loyalty member also supports me and my work 
    Until the next update!
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Ratings System Abuse   
    Personally, the only thing I'd like to see changed is having the 'reply' feature brought back (it disappeared a few weeks ago during a site update).
    Apart from that, I'm pretty happy with the review system. While I do get the occasional 'it doesn't work 1 star' review on my files, my reports usually get dealt with pretty swiftly by the moderation team.
    A rule I'd personally like to see added is that suggestions for future updates must not be posted in a review. A review should not be used to suggest features, i.e. "I'll give 5 stars if you add feature x, now only 2 stars because I really want that". Reviews that are posted where the author complain about a lack of features when the feature is actually already included in the file (e.g. "Why can't I turn ambient event messages off in Traffic Policer? 3 stars") should be removed too as it only goes to show the author hasn't used your work (indepthly enough).
    Reviews are purely subjective, and their ratings cannot necessarily be compared across different modifications. As an example, someone recently reviewed Traffic Policer as 4 stars because he didn't "like the way the speed radar zone looked". The same person then reviewed Pursuit Callouts 5 stars for "the hard work of the author and how fun it is to play". The reason for this is that currently most review authors see the base for giving a rating as the modification itself, not how it compares to others' work.
    It is therefore relatively common to see, say a simple text edit mod that took 5 minutes to create get 5 star ratings, while an extremely complex mod that may have a few tiny issues and took tens of hours to create gets less than that.
    The only way to solve this would be for the site staff to draft guidelines of how many stars to give for what kind of work. I personally wouldn't advocate such a system. The way it works now is that mods that are good (i.e. have little to no issues) get higher ratings than mods that may have some more issues, but took far more effort to make and are much more powerful. This is good in the sense that a user gets a good impression of the problems he may face when downloading and installing a modification.
    As for trolls, as a script modification author I can say that I haven't really encountered them in any alarming quantity yet. If the occasional one does come along and post something spiteful, a simple report is usually enough to deal with the matter.
    At the end of the day, though, the rating system should only be a small side thing for mod authors. Worrying about it is just about the last thing you should be doing, and I personally really wouldn't mind if it's just the 4 stars appearing next to my work rather than 5 (so long as this is not due to the reasons I mentioned at the beginning of this book post). As long as you enjoy creating the modifications you put out and most of the people enjoy it to some degree, I'm perfectly happy.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Albo1125 in Unload/Reload Callback [Solved]   
    Might be worth posting here for others that are interested.
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    festivalmatt reacted to Sawdbuster in Multiplayer Models for Backup   
    Hey guys,
    I'm not a scripter and I have been wondering how I could contribute something of use to the forums. I've been working on getting the Rockstar varient of the MP LSPD uniform, (NOT Emergency Uniform Enhancement models), to show up as back up in Los Santos Along with the regular LSPD Officers. I have gotten the basics down, but have hit a few snags. 
    Snag 1) Officers spawn with the dunce cap. I am not sure how to remove this issue because the backup.xml file does not state anything about headgear other than a helmet. 

    Snag 2) Officers have bullet proof vests on in the cruisers

    But, for the most part, (with one or two exceptions), the vests despawn when the officers are on foot. (Notice the passenger of this unit) Then the vests will respawn while the officers are getting back in their cars.

    Snag 3) Officers have green hair. I expected this, I am aware there is a way to select textures in the backup.xml, but I couldn't find a proper way to implement it, if anybody knows, that would be very, very helpful. This would also be the key to adding color to the external bullet proof vests which could be used for Local SWAT Units. 

    Below you see the stage I currently got to with the backup.xml
    <VehicleSet> <Vehicles> <Vehicle>police2</Vehicle> </Vehicles> <Peds> <Ped comp_shirtoverlay="56" comp_accessories="59" comp_pants="36" comp_hair="2" prop_head="1" comp_shoes="25">mp_m_freemode_01</Ped> </Peds> <NumPeds min="1" max="2" /> </VehicleSet> While this isn't a complex issue, I figured I try to go through the tedious work of diversifying the LSPD. Then, hopefully by the time Realism Enhanced Dispatch v3 is released, I could have this down enough to diversify multiple agencies with the EUP mod. For the mean time, all I plan to implement is LSPD patrol officers, (male/female), and LSPD Local SWAT Units, (hopefully male/female). 
    [This is the cruiser in case anybody didn't know]
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    festivalmatt reacted to PgUp in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread   
    Credit: Vixen
    In the interest of keeping this thread from being locked again, here is a shortcut/paste of the guidelines for quick viewing when on this thread, otherwise you can find all of the community guidelines here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/guideline-hub/, quick link to full terms here: http://www.lcpdfr.com/terms/
    When you're on this thread, please follow the site guidelines fully, we are not exempt  or otherwise risk ruining the fun for everybody. I don't want to see a scenario where we can't have a central hub for Australian's enjoying LSPDFR because conversation has gotten too heated and the fun has been ruined by some people.
    You don't have to remain strictly on topic, let's make it clear that I didn't make this thread to be absolutely strict on staying on topic, this is a discussion thread, please - discuss! In saying that, please don't stray too far away - probably not a good idea to tell us who won your local footy grand final last weekend.

    I'd like to highlight some specific things that may or may not be apart of the guidelines to go by when being on this thread:
    - When conversation gets too heated and you feel like you can't keep cool, please take a minute to walk away from the computer, make yourself some delicious ass Vegemite on toast and amazing ass, god tier ass, cup of hot Milo, and then come back with a level head. If you've still got a serious bone to pick, take it to the private messages.
    - Whilst this isn't a tech support thread - If you need help with an Australian mod, please ask, there's lots of smart minds here and it's probably the only part of the forums where nearly everyone is using all the same vehicles/mods as you, however please consider PM'ing the developer first.
    - Don't feel like you can't talk about stuff outside of on-topic LSPDFR/Mods - but the point is please don't stay off topic for five pages, if you can see the off topic conversation will go on for a while please make a private group chat - this is in the interests of both keeping the site tidy and keeping it as on topic as possible without being all strict-y dictator-y about it, we're human, we discuss, we discuss on and off topic, but if it's going to be an extended or not-so-pretty conversation, take it to the privates.
    - I'd particularly like to highlight; don't gang up on people or abuse people. If you've got beef, bitch about someone behind their back in a group convo (it's far better that way, trust me) or talk out your problems directly in PM's.

    If you follow these as well as the guidelines below,, we should be sweet to have a great discussion thread with zero threat of being locked. Thank you! 
    * For the last few months I've slacked off with updating this post with newly released mods (I doubted whether anyone actually used it); over the coming weeks I'll endeavor to get around to fully updating all lists to show all relevant releases. Thanks for your patience.
    This thread is a general discussion thread for Australian LSPDFR players and LSPDFR Australia fans, this main post will feature a list of many things including youtubers that feature an Australian theme in their videos, some must-have Australian cars and mods and the profiles of some awesome developers of the Australian cars, characters, audio files and scripts.
    For a while I was thinking why isn't there an Australian discussion thread? Why doesn't someone make one? But I must admit the final "yeah, nah, screw it, I'll be the one to do it why not" was prompted by Macgregor's status update: "Someone should make an Australian discussion thread".

    I think this post will be ever-evolving and an ever-useful hub for us Aussie gamers looking to make our game feel right at home. Basically all this thread is, is a collaboration of links put together in one easy to find spot, and a central place to discuss.
    I'll be constantly editing this main post to update info, and I'll try not to use reply's so that the info is all in one spot, one post.
    Use the rest of this thread to discuss, suggest, or update on anything.
    If you want me to add anything to any list, just give me a shout and I'll get onto it.
    Request's for developers:
    Work In Progress:

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    @seve Thank you for your extremely useful and kind request for support.
    This message can pop up only once per session as a maximum, and exclusively the first time you go on duty. Unless you were recording a virtual vlog of yourself going on duty at a police station and are not able to operate a simple video editing program to cut that small section out, I don't see how you were on the verge of throwing your computer out of your window. If you actually were, please consider your and others' personal safety and chain your computing equipment to a wall to prevent such things from really occurring, along with taking an anger management program.
    As this is an update for my Common library, it unfortunately didn't check the INI file of the specific plugin you were using. I have taken note of this. A simple solution would be to take 30 seconds to update the Common plugin from the download page supplied.
    Naturally, if you believe any of my plugins are a virus, it is at your sole discretion to delete them. Nobody's forcing you to download the end results of my many hours of free work.
    Also, there is no need to purchase a firewall; in case you weren't aware, you can simply use Windows Firewall to control applications' access to the internet.
    Kind regards.
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    Hello Every one. My name is Gareth and I Like to make the Odd (sometimes litterally) YouTube Video of my patrols in LSPDFR, with a UK/British flavour. I shall keep adding Videos as I remember! I Hope you Enjoy them.
    Episode #58
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    This is loosely based/styled/stolen off of a thread by @TheUniT found here, similar stuff applies (wont be as huge, might or might not add, etc)

    Its not a complete list of available mods etc. I have missed/forgotten stuff. My eyes glazed over at points and i may or may not have fallen asleep and scared the cat.
    If I've missed anything, and i certainly have, tag me in a post and ill add it. 
    Also, what do you as British players want? Peds, Vehicles, scripts, callouts etc?
    LSPDFR, hooks and must haves

    Plugins/Scripts (Working on current LSPDFR 0.3.1 as of 29/06/2016, get the most recent updated version unless research tells you otherwise)
    Callouts (Currently small amount of Brit style callouts)
    Ped and vehicle textures
    Emergency Services Cars:
    Misc (not all are law enforcement related)
    British LSPDFR YouTubers (Including those that do regular British videos)
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    festivalmatt got a reaction from ReKraM in UK Mods to use with LSPDFR (with links)   
    This is loosely based/styled/stolen off of a thread by @TheUniT found here, similar stuff applies (wont be as huge, might or might not add, etc)

    Its not a complete list of available mods etc. I have missed/forgotten stuff. My eyes glazed over at points and i may or may not have fallen asleep and scared the cat.
    If I've missed anything, and i certainly have, tag me in a post and ill add it. 
    Also, what do you as British players want? Peds, Vehicles, scripts, callouts etc?
    LSPDFR, hooks and must haves

    Plugins/Scripts (Working on current LSPDFR 0.3.1 as of 29/06/2016, get the most recent updated version unless research tells you otherwise)
    Callouts (Currently small amount of Brit style callouts)
    Ped and vehicle textures
    Emergency Services Cars:
    Misc (not all are law enforcement related)
    British LSPDFR YouTubers (Including those that do regular British videos)
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