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    jamesRasmussen got a reaction from docscratch in LSPDFR 0.4 - Coming February, 2019   
    After a long time of development, people are now starting to die either of excitement or depression
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    jamesRasmussen reacted to Lundy in New Rockstar statement on modding   
    Yeah, frig off T2 cunts. I'll smash ya next time without warning. Cute 2D girls can fight too, ya know.
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    jamesRasmussen reacted to willpv23 in Petition to Take-Two Interactive & Rockstar Games RE: OpenIV closing   
    I would be extremely surprised if they went after youtubers. I can understand taking down videos of people using mods in online, or even using 3rd party multiplayer mods, but not just using mods in singleplayer. They would only hurt themselves if they did and I can't see any monetary gain by doing so. As it stands, those videos are only selling more copies of the game.
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