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  1. ”Ruin it for everyone” If they don’t want to make it els thats their choice, I don’t see how complaining about it is going to make any difference whatsoever. If you don’t like lore cars and don’t like non-els, simply don’t download the mod. Not that hard now is it?
  2. Yeah, I do not believe that for one second. First of all, CIA doesn't even perform operations domestically, let alone raids... CIA does not use marked vehicles, only the SPS Security Protective Service, uses marked vehicles within the CIA and that is because they perform a similar function to FBI Police. Like Tarheelfirefighter above said, neither of them do it for special agents or resources other than security unless it's on MRAPs or for the Evidence Response Team. If your father actually told you this, he either was lying, or he has no clue about what he's talking about making me doubt he ever worked for the CIA.
  3. Wouldn't work. People would still check for updates daily and eventually just start spamming either "the mod is dead" or "uPdAtE wHeN?!" as they do with most things. It's the internet
  4. You do know the FIB (Because theyre based on the FBI) don't actually have markings on their vehicles right? That would sort of give them away and defeat the point of most of their operations. Just saying.
  5. Any actual evidence of this, or you just trying to talk shit about him?
  6. Never had this issue whatsoever. Very strange.
  7. And why is that? Albos plugins are certainly some of the better ones out there. Care to explain why you seem to think otherwise?
  8. It’s a good attempt. Needs some work but it’s still good.
  9. Love it, great addition and certainly appreciate that it is non ELS. Any chance for more liveries or vehicles in the future? Perhaps one with a national park service ambulance livery?
  10. Seeing as ELS only really depends on vehicles being ELS compatible and scripthook I dont see why it wouldn't work.
  11. Normally not a fan of non-lore vehicles/liveries but have to admit. This looks incredible. The effort that went into these liveries is outstanding. Nice work.
  12. Multiple reviews seem to have disappeared for no apparent reason. Very strange... Guessing they got reported? But even so, none of them were actually rude or out of order... On another note two people have been downvoting every other remaining review. Also very strange.
    Dear god what on earth... Did you seriously just color the template blue and add a UNIFORM patch on the roof and sides? Not to mention the roof and hood ones are facing the side, not even forwards... It's not even coloured in properly and it looks like it was rushed and made in less than 10 minutes. I am sorry but I literally CANNOT think of ANYTHING positive to say about this. (Won't even go into the whole thing about this breaking any and all types of lore because that's a whole other discussion)
  13. With all due respect to T. Jennings, but I don't understand how the liveries could be any better? They are based on real life, and are as accurate as possible.
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