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  1. DionPet

    Viva Los Santos

    Shots wich show the criminality,the events and the routine of police officers in Los Santos in a humorous way.
  2. Do you think that a special forum for people who speak russian should be created?
  3. DionPet

    Regular customer

    Please drop a like!
  4. DionPet

    Regular customer

    Clerk:The regular? Trevor:You got it.I will come by again soon!
  5. DionPet

    Selling choppers

    Check out our website,www.epsilonprogramm.com if you want to buy a chopper and get the first one for FREE! AMAZING GIFT: With your first helicopter purchase you get a HUMAN TARGET for practising your weapon skills (if killed he will not be replaced,store policy).Kifflom! (please drop a like)
  6. I I don't think that an old resurrected game is what 'we want'.
  7. Do you think that religious education should be banned from schools? (If anyone thinks that I do not like religious education he is wrong.This is a statement which was said by the greek Deputy Minister of Education! Believe it or not!)
  8. A forum for those who want to express their political view.
  9. DionPet

    Where are you from?

    I am fom Athens,Greece.Currently we are trying to raise the sun above our country. I can see that!
  10. DionPet

    Fighting crime 24/7

    Always next to the coffee machine,err I meant civilians.
  11. DionPet

    Sides of Trevor (2)

    Trevor at his worst!
  12. DionPet

    Sides of Trevor

    Trevor at his finest! (reloaded,sorry for the last mistake)
  13. DionPet

    Sides of Trevor

    Trevor at his finest!
  14. This is a single tip to make billions in gta v single player.The first step is to ignore all the assasination missions for Lester until the end of the game.If you pulled the big one right (option B, first driver Martinez,random event,second Karim,first gunman Packie McReary or Chef,second Norm Richards.In the end Trevor and Franclin will have 36.000.000 and Michael 38.000.000.Then do the assasination missions and start to invest in the stock market.FULL DESCRIPTION:www.ign.com/wikis/gta-5/Assasination Investor.After seeing the Assasination Investor in ign.com you do the missions.If all end up well then you will have 2.1 billion.After that focus on Michael and do the Epsilon Programm missions.In the end if chosen to take the money,you will gain 2.1 million(worth the money).For these missions you must also watch a guide this time in youtoube(especially with the cars).In the end you must complete a random event (give an investor a ride to the airport) and after you do that he will advise you to buy certain stocks (I think tinkle,but anyway he will tell you).When the stocks go up,sell them and there you go.With all this money,you can buy everything(properties and vehichles) and still have a lot of money in your pocket!
  15. DionPet


    I still do not believe that someone has finally managed to arrest Trevor! Usually he dies during the pursuit by falling from the back of the truck(gunner position) or he is shot while trying to resist arrest.