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  1. OfficerBlackjack

    San Andreas Highway Patrol (FHP Based)

    Any chance of some skins for BxBugs123's 2006 Tahoe pretty please?
  2. OfficerBlackjack

    San Andreas Highway Patrol (FHP Based)

    Beautiful Textures!
  3. OfficerBlackjack

    [WIP] 1993 Ford Mustang Foxbody Highway Patrol

    If this ends up as Non-ELS. I'm legitimately going to throw a party. My parents owned one from 1988 to 1998 and it is probably what bought my love for the SSP variant. Such beautiful machines it's a shame ours is gone.
  4. OfficerBlackjack

    LAPD Ford Police Interceptor Utility (2014) [ELS/NON ELS]

    One if not the BEST 2014 FPIU to ever exist
  5. OfficerBlackjack

    BCSO - Adams County

    Any chance an update for the new Silverado base and possibly the new CVPI bases?
  6. OfficerBlackjack

    San Andreas Highway Patrol (FHP Based)

    There's not a folder containing DSF template CVs. I assume it only fits Forza and Underwood template CV?
  7. OfficerBlackjack

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack [ELS]

    I don't even have words
  8. OfficerBlackjack

    Los Santos Police Department (Atlanta themed) [ELS]

    Had a ton of fun testing this <3
    Beautifulness in a nutshell
  9. OfficerBlackjack

    Retro BCSO Pack [ELS]

    Hot! Hot! Hot!
  10. OfficerBlackjack

    US Army Helicopter Pilot Vietnam

    Not going to lie. That shoulder holster setup would look amazing on a detective
  11. OfficerBlackjack

    US Army Helicopter Pilot Vietnam

    There is simply no words to describe this
  12. OfficerBlackjack

    Script Hook Not working

    It's not compatible with the latest build (1032) so you'll have to either downgrade to 1011 or wait it out
  13. OfficerBlackjack

    [WIP] Real California Architecture

    I'll be down to test the peds love new peds that look and fit the job
  14. OfficerBlackjack

    April 2017 update

    Yes it does it's now version 1032 0.51 doesn't support it