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  1. Remade the Federal Signal Corner LED. This new version looks a lot better than the old version.
  2. Rarity

    Up & Coming

    Up & Coming modifications by Rarity™.
  3. Model: 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Variant: LSPD / LAPD Exterior Lightbar / Antennas Partition / Gun Mount In-Car Video Console / FS SmartSiren / Toughbook / Motorola XTL5000 I love realism so if there is anything that needs changing or adding, please kindly let me know. All comments, ideas and suggestions will be taken on board.
  4. **Update to first post**
  5. This topic will be updated with my new and up coming vehicle projects and development models. Once available for download, the topic will be updated with links. Development Models Coban TopCam Gen II Panasonic Toughbook CF-29
  6. Rarity

    Blaine County Patrol

    Try this script. Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Script
  7. Rarity

    FPIU Dev

    I've downloaded the one at GMC, Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the 3D HQ Interior so I can add it to this model?
  8. Does anyone know of any Dev FPIU models for V? I've been looking but doesn't seem to be any unless I'm being blind?
  9. I found this sneak preview of the game as its still in development status.
  10. In the materials editor, move the ELS textures above the vehglass textures.
  11. I have to give major credit to my colleagues in the emergency services in London. I work for YAS (Yorkshrie Ambulance Service) and I've been talking with a met officer who came up for some training yesterday and he said that the AFO's (Authorised Firearms Officers) neutralized the threat in 8 Minutes. Thats solid work! However, we can't handle anymore cuts to our services.
  12. Good new is no officer has been killed, however he is in hospital receiving treatment for his inuries. On the other hand, 3 suspects have been killed, 6 civilians have been killed and 20 currently needing hospital treatment. There were also reports of the terrorists wearing suicide vets which turned out to be fake.
  13. Have you put the "Extra_1" or whatever you have named it, into the door area in zmodeler?
  14. Rarity

    Vehicle Coloring

    Guys please. Let's not argue, I'm only looking for some advice. The problem isn't with RDE anyway.