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  1. My 1080Ti SLI rig gets a solid 60 with maxed out settings with 1080p, thats including all my graphic mods and etc.
  2. TheRecluseGamer

    TheRecluseGamer's W.I.P

    All of my current projects, some of them will eventually be released.
  3. TheRecluseGamer

    2013 Caprice Slicktop

  4. TheRecluseGamer

    Los Santos Police Department MegaPack

    You used my lightbar: http://www.gta-mod-center.com/forum/index.php?/files/file/882-dev-federal-signal-vision-sl-lightbar/ and I love it! Congrats on almost 900 downloads bud!
    Krazzy your skills are really improving bud! I am sorry that you got a 1* star review for this, I know you put a lot of time and work into this and it really shows man. I love the style your are going with on you cars! I am not going to be a condescending jerk and write a list of things that are wrong with it instead I am going to make myself available to you with any questions you have on your future projects. Cheers.
  5. TheRecluseGamer

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    Lol I a much more skilled than the OP lololol later dudes.
  6. TheRecluseGamer

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    lol too busy streaming to my 8000+ followers on fb to release stuff now. Goodbye troll. :)
  7. TheRecluseGamer

    2011 CvPi

    Its okay to be new at this, keep grinding on Zmodeler3 and you will get better. Being a DEV is so much better than just downloading everyone else's work to make a 30 minute youtube video. Ignore the haters and keep grinding.
  8. TheRecluseGamer

    Fasttrax Lightbar

    OMFG Thank You!!!!!!