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  1. forsakenbacon17

    Paleto Bay Police Department 2014 Charger

    pretty nice 5/6
  2. I don't understand. You're trying to make a callout pack that captures "real call's that Officers have to deal with every day" but then you go on to list calls that would almost never happen i.e. "Stolen FIB Vehicle" or "Stolen Fire Truck". Furthermore, the "Corrupt Cop" callout shouldn't even be a call. Why would that be put out over the radio? Internal Affairs would handle that. Next the "Medic Robbery" doesn't make much sense because you put "Medical Marijuana". Ambulances do not carry medical marijuana. And most people that try to score drugs off medics submit false reports and complain of pain instead of physically robbing the EMT's. Now, you list Shots fired and Shootout as two different calls. What's the difference? Same with Officer In Trouble and Officer Needs Assistance. Just put the two under the same name. The Stolen Plane seems odd too but you listed that as Rare and Optional so that's fine. Other than these few issues I really like all the other call ideas, these certain ones need to be more thought through and you need to ask yourself how often is an FBI vehicle or a Fire Truck really stolen? And are medics being robbed at gunpoint that prevalent of an issue?
  3. forsakenbacon17


    Can you possibly upload a version of the unmarked with the spotlights back on, for those that want to throw a skin on it and use it as a marked unit? Thanks!
  4. forsakenbacon17

    Getinmybelly's 4K Los Santos Sheriff Liveries

    What Taurus is this?
  5. forsakenbacon17

    LSPD Texture Pack #2 - ELS Version (4K)

    Love at first sight. Thanks for adding the Impala.
  6. forsakenbacon17

    Blue SAHP Officer

  7. forsakenbacon17

    [WIP] Routine Police Work

    Can't wait for more updates. Happy New Year!
  8. forsakenbacon17

    Unknown Issue With GTA V

    GO TO openiv and go to update>update.rpf and hit edit mode. it should prompt you to transfer your upadte.rpf
  9. forsakenbacon17

    GTA5 Barebones Still Wont Load After Update Today!

    Are you sure Scripthook V or any form of Scripthook isnt in your GTA Folder?
  10. forsakenbacon17

    [WIP] Routine Police Work

    Hey, any new progress?
  11. forsakenbacon17

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    Yep GTA's a bitch. Good luck getting it to work
  12. forsakenbacon17

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    Yeah, any idea of when the LASD Suburban will be released?
  13. forsakenbacon17

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    Any ETA on the Suburban?
  14. forsakenbacon17

    Walters' WorkShop | Too Many Things

    Yesss can't wait for the LASD Suburban!
  15. forsakenbacon17

    LAPD 2013 Dodge Charger

    This ^^^ also working takedowns would be lovely if possible