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  1. BadBoy33


    How can i spawn NOOSE partners ?
  2. BadBoy33

    GTA V Car problem

    Hi again guys.I just replaced my original police cars with modded one.But when i want to replace the modded cars with another modded cars they wont replace.It says the same police car that i replaced.
  3. BadBoy33

    New Bus For London 'Borismaster'

    Nice bus Dave.I love it!
  4. BadBoy33

    2012 BMW M5 - Lokale Politie (Local Police)

    Cool police car.I like it.
  5. BadBoy33

    Bought GTA V

    Thanks. :D
  6. BadBoy33

    Bought GTA V

    Bought GTA V to play LSPDFR.
  7. BadBoy33

    AdvancedHook.dll Problem

    Thanks to all for the replies!I had the problem fixed.Thanks to lcpdUnit22, ineseri and jg45042. I fixed the problem by installing this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679 (x86)
  8. BadBoy33

    AdvancedHook.dll Problem

    It says Failed to find x86 version of MSVCP
  9. BadBoy33

    AdvancedHook.dll Problem

    Here is the info about advanced hook.dll.If there is something you dont understand tell me.
  10. Hi i am new i dont know if here is the right place but i have this problem with lcpdfr since i installed it on my new computer. Where it says не е валидно Win32 приложение in english it means its not valid win32 application.If you want more information tell. GTAIV_2015-05-31_16-39-16-31.bmp GTAIV_2015-05-31_16-39-30-17.bmp GTAIV_2015-05-31_16-39-39-72.bmp GTAIV_2015-05-31_16-39-41-77.bmp