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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to AndreasSalomonsson in Crash fix wont work   
    Thanks worked ! 
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from Boshy in Crash fix wont work   
    No problem, me and Boshy are glad to help you out
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from sub68 in [req] Taurus and Charger   
    Yeah, I'm with you too. All of those crappy made lightbars are a piece of crap and aren't very useful. I would recommend just keeping them stock until someone decides that everyone has had enough of these crappy lightbars and things that don't look good among other cars. I can't even imagine pulling over someone with U.K. License plates and everyone around you is like Umm... Is your license plate supposed to be here? That's just a weird feeling when driving a Peel-P50 around Los Santos. It really bugs me.
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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to TanMan1611 in Corrections Facility Callouts   
    Hello all you modders. May I request a Corrections Facillity Callout pack to go with Anarchyx3's Prison Entrance Mod?
    Callouts I'd like to see
    -Fight Between Prisoners
    -Corrections Officer Requesting Assistace
    -Transport to Solitary Confinment
    -Prisoner Has Contraband
    -Prisoner Intake
    All the callouts must take place inside the state pen.
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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to Reebs in [Request] Sutphen 2015 Fire Engine   
    Hello everyone,
    I was wondering if any of you gifted modelers could possibly create a model replacement for the Firetruck in GTA V, and replace the default Firetruck with a Sutphen 2015 Engine.
    I'm not very smart when it comes to this, so I'm not sure if it already has to be in a game, but if it doesn't, could you please give it a shot for me?
    I've attached an image for reference on what a 2015 Sutphen Engine would look like.
    Thanks in advance!

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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to SGT. DOOMSLAYER in 2005 Impala 21TR   
    Vehicle model request.
    2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 21TR (unmarked or removable optional)
    With working spotlight, take downs, alley lights, 
    prisoner partition.
    computer and radio equipment (optional)
    Rambar (optional)
    The same as this chicago car, if you make it have red and blue lights i wont complain as i'll switch them to all blue myself, but if you did both variants im sure some people would enjoy the red and blue.
    Hopefully someone will consider this, there were SEVERAL in GTA IV, not sure how it would be so hard to port one of those models to V. anyways...

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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to Mobile 12 in Tow Truck for 18 Wheelers   
    I have pull over a few 18 wheelers and had to arrest the drive. Then I had to leave the truck on the side of the road because the tow truck was not powerful enough to tow it. Can some one create a tow truck for 18 wheelers and box vans. Thanks. You guys are doing a great job.
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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to sub68 in [req] Taurus and Charger   
    Why no one wants to create Ford Taurus and Dodge Charger with a standard GTA lightbars and dynamic license plates? You can say everythink but stock lightbars are awsome and look better than all of these arjent valor and other crappy made things. And of course  dynamic licence plates it way better than just texture because it's not funny to look at two police vihicles with the same number. 1999 CVPI v 1.2 by YCA has standart lightbars and dynamic license plate it's a perfect replace of staniers. Now im looking into replace buffalo and interceptor but i cant find any good car to mutch a game play
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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to OfficerSquare in Ragehook says it's working but LSPDFR isn't   
    Try this:
    Force duty by running, jumping, and pressing F9 in mid-air. You should spawn as a police officer with the default loadout.
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from Officer nasif in When ever i press "PG UP" Key turismo spawns with armed Men & Women trying kill me   
    There is also another issue that @TheUniT didn't mention!
    There is an issue with the new RageHook that is crashing everyone's game and your game. I would recommend downgrading back to RPH 0.29 on RPH's website!
    Everyone's been having this issue recently
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    SgrtAlexandra reacted to Ceuloia in 'IsDeveloperModeEnabled'   
    According to the ragehook forums, ragehook v 30 is broken
    Install version 29 and override the files in your main directory, worked for me
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from Steele1925 in "LSPD First Response.dll Has Crashed"   
    Okay, There is several things that are causing that crash!
    First of all, you are missing LMS.Common.dll in your root directory, you can download it from here. For some reason, your SpikeStripsV mod crashed in the process of LSPDFR crashing, and it says that there is a missing file but you have both the config and the dll installed, Weird. Also, HeroCop has some missing files, It is missing it's config file and it's audio files. I would recommend looking hard like I had to do to install it, I might just edit my post later with the install instructions. Also, SlimDX.dll is missing in your root directory, you can also download it from here. If what I have said doesn't work please reply to this post!
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from Albo1125 in Help! LSPD First Response.dll has crashed.   
    There is several problems, lets start off with the easiest problem to fix, Police Radio is intended for use with RageHook 28 and you're using RageHook 30 which was contributing to the crash. Also, NAudio.dll, one of the most important dependencies of Albo1125's mods, isn't updated on your end, you can download it on the downloads section here or you can update your Windows automatically to get the latest one! Thanks Albo1125 for correcting me on where to download it
    If that doesn't work try deleting everything in your plugins folder and in your LSPDFR folder in your main directory and install all of your plugins all over again with their versions from here
    If that doesn't work, and you get a different crash after you do all of this please reply to this post and I'll be glad to help you!
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    Right now, It looks so awesome! Good luck!
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Why can't people post on old support topics with no answers?   
    No one has EVER told me that before LSPD:FR was released.
    What if they are still waiting for support, on my old account like several years ago I had a support topic with no answers and still doesn't and It caused me to sell my copy of GTA IV because I bought it just to play LCPD:FR?
    I don't believe so because 35% of people are still waiting for support, how about closing them if they are over 3 months old and haven't been active since then and just make a new section just for old support topics instead of closing them.
    To add onto my post, why not just put the support topics that are old into a "Junk" forum section, instead of closing them and let people just reply to them if they want and see if they are still there and if not report the post, doesn't that sound like a good idea?
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from CaptainSugarFree in Backup units   
    The newest update fixes that.
    Dear Moderators:
    Please Lock this post, thanks!
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from vynlthrash in What are your thoughts on the very first version of LSPDFR? What would you like to see in the future?   
    What I would like to see is:
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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from RyWilson in Can't edit any original GTA4 folders without Fatal Error   
    Okay thanks, but the mod I was trying to install was corrupt because it was a GTAV pc mod XD! I just installed a new one now and:

    Which means that the game WAS successfully trying to tell me that it was corrupt.

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    SgrtAlexandra got a reaction from RyWilson in Can't edit any original GTA4 folders without Fatal Error   
    Thanks, It works now!
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