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    SaucyPow3r got a reaction from noahleon62 in Can't Replace Sheriff Crusier   
    Are you sure you replaced the sheriff files at patchday3ng and police3 files at patchday4ng?
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Mikofiticus in Why did LAPD keep using mostly cars from a decade earlier in the 90s?   
    What a load of horseshit. Democrats never supporting law enforcement. What fucking world do you live on? Do you know how expensive it is to outfit every unit with M4's? Shotguns will do just fine in urban areas. There's a hell of a lot of cops in LA. Cali is already in a lot of debt, it kinda makes it hard when communities have a bad outlook on cops, it makes it hard to raise taxes to help the officers.
    Anyway, OriginalLight is correct. LAPD holds on to cars until they cannot physically run. They destroy cars with how hard they run them. As far as I'm aware, there's still some late '90s and early 2000s vehicles still in their fleet. They'll probably be one of the last departments to hold onto their Vics. They really dug the Vic platform, it makes it harder to get rid of them. From the LAPD standpoint, they still use the cars until they can't anymore, so they still had LTDs and boxy Caprice's when the North Hollywood shootout happened, and that was in '98 if I remember correctly. I've seen a few recent pics of early 2000s vics still being used by the LAPD. So they're definitely out there.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Cutepuppy351 in LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology   
    Hey, have you ever considered adding ambient music to the pursuit chases? (toggleable) I don't think I can find something like it on LSPDFR, or at GTA 5 mods. If anybody can point me to something like it would be nice. And if not, then I think 0.4 should include it. Just a suggestion!
    It can use all the level 3 wanted level music you get with all the characters. 
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to TheSandwichStealer in Red dead redemption may be coming to PC   
    According to PC gamer, a rockstar LinkedIn account temporarily mentioned the game coming for the PC. More in the article below. 
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Fiskey111 in [WIP] L.S. Noir   
    Most of the delay has been from me (as you can probably tell from the lack of new articles on the front page).  That should be changing this week since I'm pretty well settled now and will start having more free time.

    This morning I was working on this part for our newest stage -- stakeout.  The images from this "camera" are actually saved in the case file and you'll be able to check them out in the computer to see them!
    But I promise, it's coming "soon"!

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    SaucyPow3r reacted to alexguirre in [WIP] Vehicle Gadgets+   
    This is a new plugin I'm working on. It aims to expand the functionality of new vehicles, in a centralized manner, so, hopefully, you won't end up needing a different plugin/script for each function vehicle models authors want to implement in their models.
    Currently, the vehicles are configured via XML files, alongside the changes needed in the model itself. So, no, it doesn't support already released models.
    Current Gadgets
    Ladder Outriggers Radar  
    Implement collisions, so, for example, you can climb up the ladder. Add more gadgets.  
    Firetruck shown in the videos: MTL Botlle Nose Ladder 15EX Truck by @GlitchGamer
    Any vehicle developer interested on implementing this plugin, with the current gadgets or with an idea for a new gadget, can contact me to discuss the implementation details, or if the gadget idea is possible.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to TaylorSwift in Screw you Take 2   
    Calling Rockstar's Tech support isn't going to achieve anything, take the issue to the culprit, Take Two. Take Two has a comment section on their website to leave your input, and i'm sure they have a line to call. Crowding R*'s tech lines doesn't help.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Original Light in How to "still" mod GTA V | For you dense morons   
    I didn't say you can't do it, I just said do it in private. Re-uploading files of a discontinued modification or program without the consent of the original creator is against our community guidelines. It doesn't matter what it is. 
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    SaucyPow3r got a reaction from connorw21 in FBI2 Location   
    It's in patchday2ng, also next time do Ctrl - F3 in OpenIV to search for the vehicle you're looking for to replace.
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    SaucyPow3r got a reaction from TheDivineHustle in Guess The Next Poster..   
    Nope, it's me Saucy! 
    TheDivineHustle will post next.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Cyan in Who is attacking this website and why?   
    It's not as if the guilty party is going to raise their hand.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to cp702 in Attack in Berlin   
    Bollards can be pretty effective:
    As can concrete barriers:
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to SkillfulCorpse in The Mind-Boggling Classic Cop Car Thread   
    Then and now...
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Beren in Charlotte Riots and Black Lives Matter   
    I can't speak for most folks, but to me, it's not the message that I have issues with, but rather the actions of the people who use BLM as a slogan. Like many groups/ideologies that started out from seemingly noble ideas, I feel like BLM has been hijacked by what seems like radical and even racists. From a video of a BLM rally where whites were ordered to go to the back, to a gay pride parade that was stopped unless they made BLM issues the main focus, or a memorial for the Orlando victims interrupted simply because cops where the ones organizing it. The people who have taken up the BLM flag have continuously proven that they cannot be reasoned with, and with them chanting death to cops, it's not hard to see why other people see them in such a negative light.
    I have to disagree, if society did in fact treat blacks as if they didn't matter then we never would have black police chiefs, black attorney generals, black musicians, black movie stars, black supreme court judges, and even a black president. I don't think it's so much a matter of race or skin color, but rather an individual's own upbringing and will to achieve in life.
    Regarding the "SCORES" of unarmed blacks, just in 2016 alone, according to The Counted, only 26 "unarmed" blacks have been EDIT: shot dead (not just killed) by police. However, the "unarmed" bit is usually given in a literal sense. Some of these cases involved suspects where unarmed but went to reach for a weapon when shot, so the real number of true unarmed killings might be lower. Someone will have to dig deeper for that number. But let's say it's really just 26, BLM seems to always say how unarmed killings by police officers are so prevalent. But 26 killings in just one year out of the thousands of police interactions everyday? It doesn't really scream "epidemic" to me.
    Didn't the police chief say in a press conference that the police videos were inconclusive to whether or not a gun can be seen? Releasing something like that can only serve to fan the flames. And they were right. Even with the release of the dash and body cam footage, there is still a huge debate on whether or not he was armed.
    I can't really say much on the 6 hour standoff, I'll have to make some time to research more about it. But if the point of that statement is to say that police take other races into custody more than blacks, then I suggest looking up which ethnicity makes up the majority of our prison system.
    The problem with that is whenever there's a protest involving police shootings blacks, most of them have turned up into violent riots.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to thegreathah in N/A   
    Joey Salads is legitimate cancer. His experiments are total Bs and unscientific. They don't represent most people's opinion.
    The problem is that the issue with police violence is specifically with black people, and the general white population doesn't seem to understand that saying "all lives matter" completely avoids the actual issue.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Lundy in Charlotte Riots and Black Lives Matter   
    Riot Riot Riot. Solution to all your problems. It obviously works.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Yard1 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Good news everyone! DZ aka Bilago is again taking an active part in RDE development after a break. With his professional, veteran expertise we are hoping to make the script more stable, faster and feature-rich than before.
    As for the script, you may remember that I called it Five Star Response in the previous post. Well, now we are proud to say that we have managed to seamlessly program the real sixth star into the game. Therefore, the script will now be called (you guessed it) Six Star Response, and will almost completely replace the vanilla dispatch.meta with a much more configurable and powerful system.
    Right now the focus is on the script and stability, and we are making progress squashing bugs that pop up. We are continiously adding new features and refining old ones. Because of that, it will be some time before we are ready to present you with a finished product. Until then, enjoy some of new screenshots by Jax675.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Yard1 in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Armed vehicle AI is in - tanks and APCs will dynamically switch their weapons (from cannon/rockets to secondary) depending on whether player is in a vehicle. The Rhino for example will shoot a round from its cannon and then a burst from MG. The LEWD-AD chews through air vehicles with its high-power minigun and 8-rocket salvo.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to CG Blaze in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Getting really excited for this! Can't wait to see what this script is all about. 
    Are you guys planning on implementing custom lighting for any of these cars? Also, it's a shame about the lore-friendly Humvee/Patriot. That's the one part of RDE I never liked - the real life military vehicles mixed in with the Staniers and the Grangers, etc.
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    SaucyPow3r got a reaction from CG Blaze in [REL] Realism Dispatch Enhanced 3.1.1   
    Do you plan to add the lore-friendly Humvee in RDE 3.0? 
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to tanu1215 in Riots In Milwaukee   
    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Terrorists. They're terrorists.
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to AlconH in Riots In Milwaukee   

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    SaucyPow3r reacted to SkylineGTRFreak in [REL]'08 Suburban unlocked (updated with LODs+Secret Service variant)   
    As some might have seen already, I have released a new version with armored window frames and beadlock wheels as well as some minor modifications. That version also featured full LOD levels, so I updated the regular Suburban as well. Those are not just copied L0 meshes. The Secret Service variant also includes the .meta files for sirensettings, bulletproof wheels, bullet resistant glass, etc...
    The download comes with .z3d and .ytd file, as well as templates in case of the regular Suburban. Credits are inside a Readme file.
    Model by: 
    Converted to GTA V, edited and UV-mapped by:
    Secret Service: Wheels, settings, flags and armor plates by: 
    Download the Secret Service version:
    Download the updated regular version:
    Original Post:
    Okay, here it is. Wanted to share it here, because I think you guys may make good use of this. I just did this, so I can make an armed version with M134 on top. But I haven't seen a '08 Suburban around and since it's a quite popular Law Enforcement vehicle, I thought it'd be a shame to keep this to myself. 
    After responses in this thread: 
     I saw that there really is some interest, so I did some edits and want to release it now. Let me copy the features of the other thread in here again:
    -Includes full detailed exterior and interior with modelled doorsills (not just a "plain" connection between bodyshell and chassis)
    -Undercarriage and engine modelled
    -All standard lights working
    -Steering wheel and dials working
    -Dials and buttons illuminated at night
    -Bulletholes and glass shatter
    -suspension and transmission as working, seperate objects
    -Dirt mapped
    -Includes L0 and L1 ONLY (+wheel meshes for L2/L3)
    -2 version: One standard version and one for wiper support
    On top of that I have now assigned the bodyshell to paint3 shader for livery support and mapped the body properly. I have included one wireframe template (2048x2048), one transparent template with only the doors white (you can add background color as you desire) and car_sign_1 is a simple black with white doors template. 
    Regarding the template: Front wheel arch contains backside of the bumpers and rear wheel arch contains the doorsills (so you know what they are and how you want to paint them)
    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1qhdlcqs1ai5jnt/Chevy_Suburban_DEV.zip
    Credits are:
    3D Model: 
    Converted to GTA V, edited and UV-mapped by SkylineGTRFreak

    Hope you enjoy and make some good use of it :)
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    SaucyPow3r reacted to Yard1 in Yard's Models and Skins   
    NOOSE Plates thanks to https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/carcols-ymt-converted-into-xml-format
    USCG Improvement: