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  1. nope, it's a keyboard, I set custom keys as a RMenu+LControlKey (modifier), it works, I assume smth is missed in recognising a dead body
  2. For some reason context menu doesnt allow me to drag body and call coroner, I only have options to stop the ped or ask to leave when approach the dead body, please check it out All the other menus (towing menu eg) shows properly. RagePluginHook.log P.S. Insurance agent's driving behaviour is kinda wild
    This is a must have one! Special thanks for implementing my suggestions so fast!! 5/5 undoubtedly!
  3. can u please add HeroCop compatibility, so my partner won't be affected?
  4. Works perfectly, well done! Observation report is gorgeous either! Could u please add abbility to choose custom k9 officer in next update?
  5. Great performance improvement approved! Really good job!
  6. Based on RDE 3.1.1 with a little bit more realistic (IMO) changes, automatic backup is recommended to be enabled if u use LSPDFR+ with this settings. Rebalanced spawn distance for all backup units, no more spawn just in front of you, be adviced that SWAT needs more time to respond, just like IRL There is now a considerable chance that SAHP SWAT will respond to assist BCSO if their own SWAT is unavailable There is now a little chance that local police officers will take better armor, shotguns and carbine rifles and respond as a SWAT if one is busy, just like IRL NOOSE SWAT will now respond as a local SWAT in Airport, Port, NOOSE HQ, NOOSE Air unit either. You still can call'em where ever else, but it will take ages FIB SWAT will now respond as a local SWAT in Pillbox Hill Rebalanced SWAT weapons, made'em tougher Rebalanced patrol officer's weapons, made'em weaker Drasticly reduced chance of motorcycle SAHP units to respond, as there were too many of them before All removed agencies such as Army, FIB officers, etc. still can join a pursuit in suitable areas with this settings, there just won't be too many of them if u call for a local backup eg. CustomBackup.xml
  7. vladimir850


    lspdfr crashed when accepted speeding callout RagePluginHook.log
    Great addition, works smoothly, good job!
  8. vladimir850

    [Immersion] Officer Status Menu

    Could u add Custom Backup plugin support pls?
  9. backup arrived, we approached the suspect, I tried to take the keys, but unsuccessful, pursuit started and game crashed RagePluginHook.log
  10. vladimir850


    could u please add settings for RDE vehicles?
  11. I meant it would be cool to spawn vehicles depend on the location, from the list which is custom backup or lspdfr itself uses. Eg. I would like to see sahp responding in highways, blain sheriffs in sandy shores etc.
  12. a custom backup plugin compatibility would be awesome btw after the traffic stop end, backup officer was keep staying close to the car, i drove away and lspdfr crashed. what is the trigger for backup officer to drive away? RagePluginHook.log