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  1. I mean if we look at the buildings in the background they are kind of similar to the hotel in GTA IV. They also have the same elements (2 bushes at the bottom of the hill) And the light on top of the water is at the EXACT same place And there is the little panel with the buoy on it
  2. Well for me i'm not taking any side, saying if it is true or false. Only thing i'm worried about is if it will only be accessible in GTA online, maybe the player gets on a plane and then you go to Liberty City? A picture was also released by a Rockstar dev showing an image of a park that is very similar to the one in gta iv, but this one has similar graphics to gta V. The fact that Rockstar took it down may mean that something is coming up and they are trying to hide it.
  3. Damn dude! I would of flipped! Great story btw!
  4. shako

    all a happy Easter

    Thanks! You too!
  5. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox Yeah man thanks for your time and support it's very appreciated! :D
  6. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox oki got it working now, but should i take a chance and add custom police cars and other plugins? or just leave it as it is for now
  7. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox ok ill keep you posted.
  8. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox well i added them by going through resident.rpf and i export vehicules.rpf and added the sounds by there, but yeah my game crashes when i add the mods folder
  9. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox i got it working! but now im just wondering, should i put all my other plugins in or just stick with the ones i have in now? update: Crashed when i put my mods folder back in... But i rlly want those sirens so idk what to do now... Or do you think it's maybe my custom police cars that make the game crash? UPDATE: ok yeah im confirming the issue is the Mods folder.. but it has my fav sirens sooo i guess i should til' ragepluginhook 0.38? XD
  10. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox i removed the mods folder and verified my game cache, i was missing 4 files, now my GTA is updating, hope i'll get some results (I hope ill actually be able to launch via Steam)
  11. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox all i have in that mods folder are sirens, and i even tried that solution before posting but nothing...
  12. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox sure, here:
  13. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox yeah i have one but thats for my sirens, hold on imma try it and keep you posted UPDATE: nope, doesn't work
  14. shako

    Unexplained Crashes

    @pjrthefox Well i tried removing all of my plugins, but i kept traffic policer and assorted callouts, but my gam keeps crashing when the loading screen comes up (where it says like velocity verified and stuff like that) Crash log: UPDATE: GTA even crashes when i try launching it from steam
  15. shako

    Can't open console

    I press F4 (default console button) and nothing happens... I tried reinstalling RagePluginhook but nothing... Im out of options... is anyone else experiencing this? UPDATE: Now it started to crash onme log: