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  1. ISP12930


    This is like something from Bad Boys
  2. ISP12930

    Forensic Laboratory

    Fits in perfectly! Needs a bit more lighting but other wise great job!!
  3. ISP12930

    Indiana State Police Skin [CHARGER]

    Ah haha forgot about that ill give it a try! If you ca maybe re-skin this with the correct skin everyone would love it!
  4. ISP12930

    Indiana State Police Skin [CHARGER]

    Yea the skinn you used would be for the 2015-16 chargers! Otherwise we use the same standard skin with no push bar...
  5. ISP12930

    Indiana State Police Skin [CHARGER]

    I was expecting this but great work for your 3rd mod!
  6. ISP12930

    Chicago Ambulance, Ford E450

    Amazing! Its perfect just wish it had the dedication to shay on it and the gold CFD logo. But otherwise great work bud!
  7. I hate taurus. My agency is against them. We go with the chargers! Unmarked are my favs!
  8. ISP12930


    thats the correct style for ISP
    Not bad but not good at the same time. I live in lake co. our SUVs dont use same livery's as the patroll cars but eh that me being picky since i see the real thing every day
    Excellent Work! This is fantastic runs well and its beautiful
  9. ISP12930

    Chicago PD Pack

    almost realistic only thing in CPD uses blue and white lights
  10. ISP12930

    LSSD motorcylce unit

    Runs smoothly! Love the brown on brown wish the pants where olive but other wise I really love this nice work!
  11. ISP12930

    San Andreas Troopers skin

    AST themed? Awesome i'll take it any day! Great work!