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  1. Hello all! First, I would like to thank the creators of LCPDFR and everyone who contributes all the great mods we use, you are all amazing and have helped to create a revolutionary gaming experience I have been enjoying for a long time now. I am aware the Crime Stats tracking feature is no longer available here on the website but I was hoping that someone familiar with the API might be able to help me with enabling crime stats tracking on a personal or rented server. I am open to using the server to make everyone's crime stats available again but at the very least I would like to track my own. I am fairly competent in html, css , python and C++ but I have pretty much no experience in coding an application to interact with an API. Thank you all for your consideration and any help you may be able to provide.
  2. ​I'm playing single player... I'm guessing that when we try to go on-duty, the LCPD:FR script calls out to the website's API to obtain our user info and since the site is being re-worked the API is not currently active causing a response timeout which leaves our games hanging...
  3. I think I'm having the same issue, every time I activate LCPD:FR and go into the police station I get stuck on the loading screen. I have removed everything and I am re-downloading the vanilla version on Steam, then I will re-install LCPD:FR and report back on my results...
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    Life on the Beat

    Pictures of some of the random things I see on duty
  5. c4n10

    God, I'm so drunk

    From the album: Life on the Beat

    Found this guy stumbling his way down the sidewalk, falling over himself repeatedly...
  6. Well, I'm not really sure what else I should be posting pictures of... I figured since the theme is "Evidence", that recording suspects I have interacted with would be a logical and appropriate use of the feature....
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    Information on known suspects...
  8. c4n10

    Kelvin Jackson

    From the album: Suspects

  9. c4n10

    Spencer Soto

    From the album: Suspects

  10. c4n10

    Gustavo Walls

    From the album: Suspects

  11. c4n10

    Morton Hendrix

    Hahaha! Indeed...
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    Marc Kerr

    From the album: Suspects

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    Isaias Reid

    From the album: Suspects

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    Clint Malone

    From the album: Suspects

  15. c4n10

    Harlan Tyler

    From the album: Suspects

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