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Hi, I'm M67v. I like cars (before you ask, the Tesla Model S is my favorite car), games, anime, food, and police (which is why I am here)I

The reason why I made an account is because I saw a lot of lcpdfr videos by Buggs, Jeff, Steve, Polecat and many many more. I in no way had any interest for gta 4 before learning about lcpdfr and modding. Being able to customize a city based of New York on any level is amazing, and protecting it is even more amazing. I watched too many videos of it and decided to buy GTA 4 in December 2014 (yeah, I know I'm late to the party).

G17 Media managed to transform a worthless outdated game into an awesome police simulator. In addition, car modelers, script designers and more made it even more worth while. Everyone knows that gta 4 pc doesn't work right away and needs a bunch of extra downloads and crap. I got very frustrated, but the thought of lcpdfr and other mods encouraged me to get it to work.

I played lcpdfr a LOT since then, and 4 months in, I decided that I want to make my own mods. I couldn't do anything crazy like callout mods or anything like that (WAY TOO COMPLICATED) just some vehicle models. I can't model, I just put parts together. My first model was HORRIBLE and the second one needed some work too. I learned that I need to have a very very keen eye and look for small things and let others BETA test. I'm working on some really great stuff now, and my goal is to be like the next CJ24, or ScrimpyData. It's gonna be a lot of work, but with some help and hard work, it can happen.

- M67v (7/25/15)