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  1. Gamefruitpulp

    Gamefruitpulp's LSPDFR Playlist!

  2. Gamefruitpulp

    Gamefruitpulp's LSPDFR Playlist!

    Hey Everyone! I am going to start sharing my LSPDFR videos here! Check out the latest one here! And if you wish to watch any of the older ones, here is the playlist:
  3. Gamefruitpulp

    2016 OPP FPIU Skin

  4. This looks awesome! The British traffic system works similarly to the British format so I think it would be cool if you could make a NA version with Dollars instead of pounds, as well as other changes to make NA possible. Looks awesome though and I'm looking forward to using it!
  5. Gamefruitpulp

    2016 OPP FPIU Skin

    Cool, glad you like it! If you could include the link of the skin in the description of the video that would be great!
  6. Gamefruitpulp

    2016 OPP FPIU Skin

    Version 2.0.0


    This is my first attempt at creating a skin for a vehicle so let me know how it turns out! I'll be making more units and adding them soon. I hope you enjoy :D YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE 2016 FPIU VEHICLE FOR THIS TO WORK. Here is a video showcasing the vehicle in action!
  7. Gamefruitpulp

    Community Spotlight: Jeff Favignano

    Awesome spotlight on Jeff! He is a model community member and a great role model for anybody who wants to record on YouTube. The way that he is able to interact with his fanbase even though his channel is so large is probably one of my favourite parts about him as a YouTube personality. Keep up the great work Jeff I love watching your videos, and interacting with you through the comments!
  8. Gamefruitpulp

    RCMP Skins

    Awesome skins, they all look very good on all of the vehicles. Is a great addition to the skins I have equipped in my current LSPDFR game. Would highly recommend!
    Great skin models for both police forces, but especially the Halton Units. I love how the CVPI has multiple skins just like if you were driving through Halton region. The uniforms are also really well done! Great work all around!
  9. Gamefruitpulp

    Game Crash After LSPDFR Load

    Hey everyone, I've been using this group of mods and plugins for a while with no problems and suddenly it crashes as soon as I load up LSPDFR. I can play without the mod for a while with no problems. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :) CrashReport_phil__000_635882478166256181.rcr
  10. Hey there! Been using your mod for a while and it's never given me trouble, but it crashed and said to show you so here you go! Hope it helps with updates for you, if not no worries! Keep up the great work CrashReport_phil__000_635853033295127257.rcr
  11. Gamefruitpulp

    Canadian Siren Sound Pack

    Thanks, I figured it out! Its a great addition to my game I love the realism it brings. I have the Peel Region Police and OPP as my police so it actually looks and now sounds like I'm just walking around my area!
  12. Gamefruitpulp

    Canadian Siren Sound Pack

    Could you make a video on how to install the sound pack? It looks really great but I can't understand your instructions