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  1. 19Legan81

    unlocked mercedes sprinter (templated)

    Would love to get that link also, did look all over the web, but found nothing =(
  2. 19Legan81

    [TUT] How to make handling lines

    I love you, Was looking for a tutorial like this in about 6 hours, and when i finally gave up with my soon to be released car, i found this. Now i can finnish the car all thanks to you.
  3. 19Legan81

    LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview

    But if its ready when its ready, then if its ready already will it be ready when its ready or is it already ready?
  4. 19Legan81

    Unmarked Volvo S60

    Version 1.0.0


    This car replace the unmarked Stainer. ReadMe is in the download. Credits: Model: ByEnec Carvariation_meta: Netman The idea come from Lundys detective stainer. This version of the car is the one that follow DonFelipé´s police S60. I just used it as a basemodel. This version only has one LOD (L0) so it will vanish when you go far away from the car, i might fix (L1) in a later version. Please report any bugs. Feel free to remodel and upload. But please give Proper credits, and if there is someone who feel that he/she are not credited for this vehicle please let me know. Have fun and remeber to allways backup your original files.
  5. 19Legan81

    LSPDFR 0.3 Announcement + First Preview

    When even Wingman Games announce this mod to be awesome, then it has to be awesom. Keep up the good work.
  6. 19Legan81

    Create Police Lights

    Zmodeler3 =)
  7. Svenskan är fortfarande med på ena sidan på bilarna ser jag. I see that the swedish (Polis) is still in use in one side of the vehicle. Tillverkade i min hemkommun Trollhättan. Made in my hometown Trollhättan Sweden. =) Some of the newer cars here in Sweden except the SAAB 9-5 og and Volvo. Most of them uses STANDBY lightbars, also only one police force. Every police car has a stop light that tells the car infront to stop, by flashing a blue light with a solid red light beside it.
  8. Only with zmodeler3, or spawn the car in game. if you see lower quality of the car when distance increases, than it should have proper LOD´s, If tha car vanish when distance increases, then it only use HQ LOD (L0). I have seen some modders uses the original gta 5 car to use in L1,L2,L3,L4 and that is jus aweful.
  9. 19Legan81

    Having trouble applying multiple livery

    Ok, but thats usable to the police cars as of now?
  10. 19Legan81

    Modded policecar uses original livery

    Thats the path i´m using, I did make a template and remapped the vehicle so that it could use my own livery, but still gets those vanilla liverys in game.
  11. So how can i make my modded/remapped police3.yft to use my own livery and not the original ones? Can i set it to prior 1 or something?, i did delete all other police liverys, but the car uses them in game anyway.
  12. 19Legan81

    Check out ELS for V!

  13. 19Legan81

    Having trouble applying multiple livery

    And that is the one applying all vehicles?
  14. 19Legan81

    Having trouble applying multiple livery

    Where is that carvariation.meta found in OpenIV?
  15. 19Legan81

    Why wont my livery appear ingame?

    I have the same problem with a modded police car. i have modeled it in zm3 and remapped it. but the livery i made is hiding under a black paint, and i cant get it to work. I think its something with carvariaton.meta files but i cant find it?