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  1. I'm loving noticing the little details about the mod that were a nice surprise! For example suspects giving up after a while in a pursuit I was utterly surprised! Next the scenarios are amazing, I had some random tramp steal an ambulance that was attending the scene of a stabbing which led to a pursuit of an ambulance. Can't wait to see what else surfaces!
  2. Update: Tabbing out of game causes LSPDFR to stop responding to keyboard or controller input, Restarting the game fixes this. Some controller items not working.
  3. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has found a solution to the 360 controller not actually working apart from menu navigation and some actions. I can pull over a vehicle with 'A' and I can access the computer with 'X', I can't use the pursuit menu with the controller, I also can't press the horn to signal someone to move to another spot, or stop where they are, or stop them following me. Is this an ELS compatibility issue? Thanks.
  4. Further observations: Peds will 50 percent of the time get back out of the car after being put there, only started after installing assorted callouts so that could be the culprit. Game crash calling EMS at the airport.
  5. My absolute pleasure, it's my understanding that no amount of testing will ever identify all issues and it would be silly of me not to report anything I find, it's clear the time and effort that's gone into polishing for this release it really does show.
  6. As I originally did a while back with LSPDFR, I'm going to open a thread and note down my observations whilst playing 0.4 as a kind of log of any issues I encounter. I've currently encountered the following: Issues 1.) Pressing 'A' on the 360 controller in the interaction menu on dialog currently does nothing, just makes the selection noise. Works fine on keyboard 2.) Should an 'accident' happen wherein you accidentally slap an arrested individual by pressing B on the controller to go back, should they be revived by a medic, LPSDFR seems to lose reference of the suspect and they subsequently can't be re-arrested. 3.) Unsure how to re-create, but after a while I lost all ability to conduct traffic stops. Remarks The new pursuit AI is fantastic, I've yet to catch up with one and successfully stop it. Randomised cops is a huge huge plus I believe paramedics are also random?
  7. I'm sure they have their reasons.
  8. I'm betting it's knutsford, the home of curry. But the original author took it down so not much can be done.
  9. Pretty sure it's against TOS to do that.
  10. There's a forum post about it somewhere
  11. 'Like.....move', not a bad idea, I hear orions belt is nice this time of year.
  12. It looks like it does if you take a look at the LSPDFR sync character activity on the devs profiles.
  13. This is both a good and bad thing, Bad in the sense that some developers spent a while working on plugins, but good in that the features are included in the core mod and will likely be more stable as a result.
  14. I didn't know we weren't obsolete in the first place
  15. Either that or people secretly think the devs have hidden it there There's always space and stuff
  16. It might be something I've only just noticed and I'm making the wrong connection but worth noting ahah
  17. How long have all the other 0.4 threads been locked
  18. I believe @Cyan has been pumping magic juice in to prevent that
  19. Damn, never forget the crumpets!
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