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  1. Not sure what's wrong, I've never encountered this issue before, but I believe there is an issue with the current ELS xmls. Some of the ELS lights on the vehicle continue to stay on almost like a steady burn, even if none of the lights are activated. I've looked through the xml but can't seem to figure it out?
  2. Includes local, state, and federal emergency services around the state of San Andreas.
  3. What number did you replace for the holsters? Like teeth #9, accessory #4 that type of thing.
  4. Hey so I can't seem to find the holsters that are featured in the screenshots? But the belt looks great.
    Nice to see BPD get some love! Especially love that you added the "Pink Machine" for the charger, awesome job and quality skins!
    Pretty much a mobile dispatch center, lmao. Great job and quality car.
  5. Wilson Sellars

    American Law Enforcement

    Pictures of various law enforcement from the United States. Includes local, state, federal, and so on.
    I have waited for something like this for so long. Just to be able to have backup without them showing up and leaving a few seconds later. Love it, like all of your other mods. Excellent work.
  6. I think it was just installed wrong, I used that same texture pack and it worked. Just different models screw it up.
  7. The FPIS always spawns with black taillights and headlights. The ligthbar and windows are perfectly normal. I tried changing the window tint and it doesn't help.
    As someone who frequents in ride-alongs with the ACSO, good to see someone finally make one of the largest local law enforcement agency's in Idaho. Also with accuracy.
  8. Eyyy my State, been through Blaine County a few times too. Even got stopped...
  9. I love this pack. Would it be possible to add a 2013 Harley motorcycle or 2014 BMW bike skin to this? Would really complete my fleet.
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