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  1. fatfluffycat

    Count To A Million Before 2020

  2. fatfluffycat

    Cities: Skylines

  3. fatfluffycat

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    Yes vehicle pursuits are lame currently and it seems like most of the time the AI doesn't even try. The biggest issue I think is that the AI path finding in traffic isn't that great, once they get a certain distance away from you they no longer have to deal with traffic since it won't even spawn for them. Then they just fly across the map with no issue.
  4. The set-up never gives me options for towtruck or corner, I have Arrest Manager, Traffic Policer, and everything else.
  5. fatfluffycat

    LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released

    Is LSPDFR still being worked on? They could at least post a yearly status update or something to keep people up-to-date?
  6. fatfluffycat

    Emergency Lighting System

    ELS is working again, thanks
  7. fatfluffycat

    Emergency Lighting System

    My ELS also stopped working, I didn't add or remove any mods and it worked yesterday.
  8. fatfluffycat

    Game does not load past loading screen

    My game isn't loading either, I'm just running the latest RPH without LSPDFR and it still won't load.
  9. fatfluffycat

    2016-17 Chevrolet Impala FBI

    Woah they really molested the Impala
  10. fatfluffycat

    [11/29/16] GTAIV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)

    GTA 4 got a update....wut It was kinda like a safe haven from rockstar updates. Now they broke everything, good luck getting plugin updates for a almost dead game.
  11. fatfluffycat

    LSPDFR 0.3 - Now Released

    LSPDFR hasn't had a update in almost a year...
  12. You can edit the lightbar texture in the .ytd's to make it more brighter, or more "whole" i guess you could say. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/262722490455936545/58873D98FF0BED687265E90C3D3C1618D6E686FF/ (insert image isn't working for me) This is the texture I edited emerglights_liberty.dds
  13. fatfluffycat

    How to change the extras of the police cars ?

    There's a line in the vehicle.meta named "flags" for every vehicle, you can put the flag " FLAG_EXTRAS_ALL " to force that vehicle to always spawn with ALL available extras. if that's what your asking, It fixes the vehicles spawning with no light-bar.
  14. Works for me now, thanks for fixing it. Also, has anyone noticed that when the vehicle is dirty the doors stay clean? Same thing with the bumper.