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  1. Sgt.Kanyo

    ELS Environmental Lighting Oddity

    restrictions and other words such as this are buy words for "can't be bothered". People usually push out eye candy mods that are actually pretty terrible and inaccurate and also HUGE in size. From what I understand in .vcf editing you might wanna try to look into changing the OffsetX, OffsetY and OffsetZ values. I believe those are responsible for the enviroment lights on the ground. Those are X Y Z coordinates where the origin is the car's center. You should try playing with the Z coordinates as well, if you only see a small area being lit near the center of the police car. That means the lights could be in the air. Hope this helps.
  2. Sgt.Kanyo


  3. Sgt.Kanyo


    I have tried the original .vcf and even tried editing it myself, but it seems to me that ELS just cannot do anything with 2 missing extras. I had a vcf edit where the lights were flashing occasionally when I'm in the car, but even then the lights weren't synced. Also the same bug, when I exit the vehicle, those lights I mentioned went into steady burn (kinda like a CHP setup, except it was only those lights)
  4. Sgt.Kanyo


    IV's model architecture is very similar to GTA V. The extra system that ELS uses is present in IV as well. It uses the LOD system as well. I'm honestly worried about some of your logical reasoning. You can't connect A to B. And I have never called Desmond anything negative. I've mentioned this before, this Ford PIU is still one of the very best car mods out there, if not the best. Because if you look at it in game, all the materials are set up correctly, all the equipment is there, everything is like on the real one. Now how hard is it to understand for YOU guys, that the ELS version of this car has an extra light (red blue front and back) that is always on. Even when the lights are off. This makes the car look bad in game. Guess what this can be fixed by simply making copies of the extra1 and extra4 and use them for extra2 and extra3. Seriously stop trying to act like you know stuff in something, you clearly don't. Also I'm guessing we're really derailing the thread now, so I'll stop posting about this from now on.
  5. Sgt.Kanyo


    Well I'm going to assume you don't know these, but 1.: Most of the car mods are locked, meaning you can't import them into Zmodeler 2.: You need a paid license for Zmodeler which I don't have (I had one for Zmodeler 2 back when I made car mods for GTA IV) 3.: I don't know GTA V's materials / dummys / whatever more configurations they have. If this was GTA IV, I still had my Zmod and the file wasn't locked, I'd have certainly already done it
  6. Sgt.Kanyo


    Oh fuck off with your negativity... You've just been proven it is possible.
  7. Sgt.Kanyo


    If you ever did car mod for GTA, you know it's a 5 minute work to fix little things like that, and ofcourse it can be fixed. Take a look at the LSPD sedan pack (however buggy it is, it still has the correct light patterns with absolutely no ELS bugs). To my eyes, once those are fixed, the car is finished, because like I've mentioned everything else is just spot on.
  8. Sgt.Kanyo


    Can we get at least a fix for the ELS Ford PIU, because I can't even use this car anymore. Like you can see on the picture the red blue lights are always on even when the lights are off! When the lights are on, those lights shine with a steady burn (and those are not the steady burn lights of the LAPD as you can see they are on even at the back). My guess is, it's a bug because you don't have extra 2 and extra 3 only extra 1,4,5,6,7,8,9. And also please add the spotlight to the takedown lights so I don't have to manually turn them on with the spotlight.
  9. Sgt.Kanyo


  10. Sgt.Kanyo


    Is there any update on this ambulance? Or any of the Ford PIUs?
  11. Sgt.Kanyo


    Here you can find all my pictures from GTA IV with NYPD theme
  12. Sgt.Kanyo

    [REQUEST] ELS LASD Ford Crown Victoria

    Steady burns are in the correct position, but to recreate the LASD pattern, you need to be very clever with the extra placements. LASD just like LAPD has a 3 stage lighting pattern like I made on my LASD Crown Vic for GTA IV. Anyway the point is apart from the lighting patterns it's a very nice LASD CVPI. I'm using that in my game as well.
  13. Sgt.Kanyo

    [REQUEST] ELS LASD Ford Crown Victoria

    The 2nd one does have proper LASD version of it as well. It has LASD paintjob. The only thing that's not accurate is the lighting stages. It still has red/blue steady burn lights, but the patterns are off.
  14. Sgt.Kanyo

    Scuds' CA stuff

    Any news on LAPD stuff? I'm thinking especially about the marked LAPD Crown Vic, but I'd love to hear some news about the unmarked unit as well.
    Pros: Looks very nice in-game, lighting is accurate to LAPD specs, even a highly detailed interior. Cons: The only thing I don't like is probably the already mentioned far lod is non-existant and on lod1 there seem to be some floating ELS lights. Also the parking light seems to be missing from the headlights. (amber lights) Overall I'm very satisfied and hope to see a similarly accurate LAPD CVPI, maybe a Charger / Police Interceptor