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  1. @Alex_Ashfold I managed to fix it! In the agency_eup xml file, the inventory for the SAHP (and also the North Yankton police for that matter) was set for hway_eup and not patrol_eup. Nothing would appear because there's no inventory named hway_eup.
  2. I know this is still in development but I'm having an issue with the SAHP... when I choose a SAHP officer, I can't change the inventory since it's pre-defined to the SWAT inventory but the thing is, when I start my patrol, all I have is a flashlight, no pistol, no stun gun whatsoever Did I do something wrong in the xml files? I haven't edited the inventory ones... Oh and another question: will it be possible in the future to have callout-spawned peds to use the EUP uniforms? I'm asking because some days ago I did a Tacco highway callout and the callout-spawned ped was using the vanilla LSHP uniform and not your SAHP one. Nevertheless, thanks for this fantastic update @Alex_Ashfold!
  3. Oh alright, thanks for the explanation @liverlande! I hope both the EUP creator and plugin developers can communicate between each other to sort these things out... especially now that version 8 of EUP just got released!
  4. As the title suggests, is it possible to have the EUP outfits on callout-created law enforcement/EMS peds? And if so, how? I'm asking because yesterday I accepted the "Highway Accident" callout from Tacco and the SAHP officer on the scene had the default GTA V uniform with the wrong LSHP patch (because the officer was created by the callout) and not the SAHP as do all officers created by the game/LSPDFR itself thanks to this: If anyone has figured out how to do this (if it's possible at all) I'd be really appreciated... Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks Kilyin! I'm asking because I still didn't have the chance to try this and Spotlight out but if this works I'd assume Spotlight does as well! :D
  6. Alex is this compatible with new RAGE and LSPDFR 0.3? :)
  7. Alex is this compatible with new RAGE and LSPDFR 0.3? :)
  8. Please Stray, as you can see from my other messages on your mods, I love your mods and I hope you can update this to the new RAGE and LSPDFR 0.3 as soon as possible :) By the way, sorry if I annoy you with all these messages saying for you to upgrade but I really like the stuff you make! :D
  9. Stray will you upgrade your callouts to work with new RAGE and LSPDFR 0.3? :)
  10. Hey Stray, as LSPDFR 0.3 was released, does the new API have the ability to tie LSPDFR's vehicle's flags with your Speed Radar's vehicle flags? Thanks in advance.
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