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  1. OfficerHJones

    Star Wars CVPI

    @Ben Why is this still a thing?
  2. OfficerHJones

    Canadian Mod

    Trying to edit everything in the game to be canadian... lol what am I doin with my life? Please note, I'm not trying to go for action shots so I dont care about the HUD and trainer and stuff, The Canada mod prob wont be released because I have mods from a bunch of different people. All Uniforms, Toronto Police Cars, were made by me. EMS, FireTruck, TTC cars were textured by Harrison90 but I edited it to say Toronto.
  3. OfficerHJones

    [GTA V] Toronto Mod

    I no longer have the link, Honestly, my pack is out of date, I'm thinking over the summer I will touch it up with new uniforms and cars and such, and I'll be sure to add a battalions chief car if I remember :) Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it
  4. OfficerHJones

    Toronto Police Service Uniform

    Amazing work, In love! I'm also laughing because the real life photo of the cop showing the vest, I know him ha, Great work Seriously!~
  5. OfficerHJones

    Toronto Police Taurus skin

    Version 1.0.0


    Sorry that it's not really HD... People have been asking so I give! I will work on it more! :)\ This skin is used for F5544's Ford Police Interceptor Download it: Install, and navigate to the skins and change it.
  6. As of right now, no. Sorry Maybe later in time
  7. OfficerHJones

    [GTA V] Toronto Mod

    Same to you ;)
  8. OfficerHJones

    [GTA V] Toronto Mod

    Uhm, I mean I took a break from this pack but since Im off break I may do other cars so yes the interceptor was my #1 to do. :) Stay on lookout.
  9. OfficerHJones

    [GTA V] Toronto Mod

    Good god, my name is right there and you didn't even get anything right. No, thank you I have some.
  10. Petawawa? That's where my brother is stationed at :D
  11. Yeah its not the right darkness I will fix it.
  12. yeah i know, but I did not feel like getting in games to take pictures lol. I already had pictures from my phone.....already had files.....it was just work I will at one point tonight or tomorrow get real pictures.
  13. Hey Guys, Recently there has been a leak out on breached accounts. Anywhere from, Snapchat accounts to phone companies to get credit cards emails etc. I would suggest https://haveibeenpwned.com/ clicking on that link and type in any emails you have just to make sure. I my self has been breached. :)
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, I figured i'd upload this because my friends wanted it and I thought it would be different so... Thanks for downloading! Do not reupload this pack ANYWHERE. Installation instructions in the folders (Cars and uniforms) 2015 - CAF MP Enjoy!~ Credits: Textures: OfficerHJones Uniform Models: Rockstar CVPI Car Model: MephistoPheles Donations Appreciated! :D