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I'm Ro, formally known as VEKTR0. I'm a content creator on YouTube and graphic designer. I'm known in the GTA modding community for two things, helping people out and creating vehicle textures (GTA V only).


During my early stages as a texture creator, I released the Seattle Police Department and Washington State Patrol textures for YCA-RE's 1999 Ford Crown Victoria. Not long after, I ported both textures as well as released the King County (WA) Sheriff texture for F5544's 2008 Ford Crown Victoria (template was done by Cj24). Unfortunately, some of my work had been stolen and nothing was done to resolve this issue, so I left the scene.


After a lengthy hiatus, I came back to deliver bigger and better work. Starting off was the King County (WA) Sheriff texture pack, which not only included old work, but brought my KCS textures to other vehicles. While taking a break from an upcoming project, I decided to release the very controversial POTATO texture. That was followed by the release of my Washington State Patrol, Puyallup Police Department, and Seattle Police Department texture packs. After those releases, I brought a nice few updates to my packs, and that leads us to now.


Times have been tough, and with working my job here in Seattle, my focus on creating YouTube videos to hopefully get my channel back in order, the whole dispute between TakeTwo Interactive and the GTA modding community, as well as Rockstar pushing out more updates that result in modded installations having to be completely redone, I've decided that my time with the GTA modding community ends here.


It's been a fun few years enjoying all the content that you all have created, as well as being able to share my abilities to create content. While I hope that maybe one day I can get back into all of it, I honestly don't see it as a possibility. If you'd like to connect with me, you can find me on YouTube and in my Discord server!