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  1. ValuedPear05

    [Deprecated] Self-Drive Plugin v1.2

    Anyone got a video of this?
  2. ValuedPear05

    Need help asap

    Just take the modded folders out of your GTA V folder and run the game using the regular PlayGTA.exe or whatever if you want to be safe. you'll be fine
  3. ValuedPear05

    Police Radio mod trouble?

    Police Radio was actually one of the few mods that worked for me. Aside from that you are right, it is best to avoid mods that are pretty outdated.
  4. ValuedPear05

    LSPDFR Crashing After Going 'On-Duty'

    Take out the RageNativeUI.dll and see if it crashes. Most things don't work if you do that, but that seemed to at least let me go on duty.
  5. ValuedPear05

    Auto Pursuit Backup Disabler

    hey buddy cool mod. So if i got this right, this basically stops nearby patrol units from joining your pursuit? Or does it stop spawning nearby patrol cars so they don't auto pursuit. I haven't had too much time to play 0.3, but i've had this happen to me few times where a pursuit or similar starts and i get rammed off the road by a nearby patrol unit also responding to the call.
  6. ValuedPear05

    Cruise Control

    Please update your mod
  7. ValuedPear05

    LSPDFR 0.2 Control Guide

    This isn't a script mod, should be in the Misc section I believe No it's just X to force a callout
    PROS -Gives a photo, and some nifty little details of peds when you search their names -The ability to search out active warrants (more on this later) -Gives more of a computer feel, than the default lspdfr computer (it actually feels like a computer screen in comparison) CONS -No option to change the key it uses (and there's no modifier) -Searching the computer activates any other mods when you hit that key (ie. searching Carl, will bring up the police radio) <- although 1.2 says it disabled keyboard input so not sure if this is fixed yet. -To bring up the computer the key is 'G' which will also turn on and off your police siren every time it's brought up -Searching for warrants gets old after the first one, i think this is because it always picks out a ped that's right in your direct area. It just feels a little fake, If the radius of this was further away, or at specific places on the map such as a house,etc. I feel it would be a bit better. -Computer takes up the whole screen so you are unable to view your surroundings, or view a license plate when pulling a vehicle over. (I can't say too much bad about this, because it's pretty much the same as GTA IV's police computer) Personally, I felt the cons of the current state of this outweighed the pros when using this. There were times when I would pull someone over, or turn my siren on when about to start driving, just for the police computer to pop up and get in the way of everything. This is a review in it's current state 1.2, and most of these things are able to be fixed as the author updates. Looking forward to what you can do with this