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    lurking on here and eventually making the users angry i like my gta how i like my ice cream, as close to vanilla as possible
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User is permanently banned from LCPDFR.com - Staff

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Sorry my dear chaps, it was wrong of me to ever use the exquisite fonts that your forums provide. I assume you that my posts can be held to the highest of standards my good sirs.


I wanted to take a moment to say sorry to all of the people that I may have hurt on this website. It is my understand that many of you thought my joke about heists being on SteamOS was real. Well, it isn't... If you couldn't tell that the picture I posted wasn't from GTA V, then... There really isn't much I can do for you. Should be quite obvious that the heists aren't out yet and it should be even more evident that the heists aren't on PC. Hell, GTA V isn't even being developed for SteamOS.


Now, I know that all moderators on this website are different (that anime one always seems to treat me nice ^____^), I understand that a warning here and there is worth giving; however the majority of my time on this website is spent helping others with PC builds and having a giggle along the way. Feel free to look at how many people take the time to upvote my comments and laugh about the things I post. Hardly seems to be disruptive in any way, eh old chum? 


People laugh at people, without stupidity the world would be a horrible and dull place. If you mean to tell me you haven't laughed about a story of stupidity, you're a fool yourself. Not to mention, there are countless threads on this website that mock the choices of criminals. So what's wrong with mocking the choices of others? Nothing. Nothing that I say should be taken with a grain of salt, not even the rant I am currently pumping out. If you wish to live in a world of rose-tinted glasses, completely devoid of any sort of creativity, go for it. I'm sure you'll be a very well-off person living in the mental Soviet-bloc. A place without creativity or any sort colour. A totalitarian world of nothing but fascism and glorious reign of law enforcement.


So, to appease the masses, I will just have to find another font to use. Perhaps this one will fit me, not quite sure tbh,,, , 






"lcpdfr = best place to find people who shouldn't wear a badge"



normally, any of my work is bundled with something that custo or olanov [[[ rip homie, pouring a 40oz out 4 u no, ill taek 2 of them with me :))) ]]] has uploaded

think of me as the bizarre serpico of lcpdfr, also the only living man to kick Roman Shevchenko's ass




+good laughs for sure partner2

  :woot: <--- silly funny emoji to show i am a diverse socialite 


DISCLAIMER: account is ran by koch industries and the St. Louis Ramsâ„¢



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~reï½ï½…ï½ï½‚ï½…ï½’  ï½‰ï½”  ï½‰ï½“  ï½™ï½ï½•ï½’  ï½„uty  ï½”ï½  ï½‹ï½‰ï½Œï½Œï½ž

~reï½ï½…ï½ï½‚ï½…ï½’  ï½‰ï½”  ï½‰ï½“  ï½™ï½ï½•ï½’  ï½„uty  ï½”ï½  ï½‹ï½‰ï½Œï½Œï½ž