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  1. Soley

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    How about with my GTX 1080 Ti and my new 34" 4K monitor?
  2. Soley

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Isn't this just getting better and better?
  3. Soley


    Simply amazing. You are always the BEST bugs
    Beautiful work, but can you remove those stupid white lights? And also would you add red and blue lights?
  4. Soley

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention

    No, the development stage is not where the team could possibly have an idea on when the release date might be. My guess is that it will be out in December 2018. LSPDFR team wants to release this as a Christmas gift.
  5. Soley

    Small SHP Pack

    An amazing pack, great details and perfect lighting. Definitely deserve 5 star. I just wonder if you plan to add a Tahoe
  6. Yes, and LSPDFR 0.4 also addresses this issue!
  7. Couldn't agree more!
  8. Soley

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    This is simply amazing, big thanks to the LSPDFR developers for their efforts in bringing so many amazing stuff into this modification! The most interesting part for me: Cops are back on the beat, I have always wanted to see other police cars of my choosing paroling the area, pulling over vehicles and chasing the perps. Thanks Thanks Thanks and THANKS Can't wait for this to be released!
  9. Soley

    2011 Hawthorne Police Crown Victoria

    Great work, my only suggestion is adding dash lights
  10. Man that's the cool part "Kiflumit up" and "Get in the car and behave" Looool
  11. Agreed with NoNameSet
  12. Yep, a good proposal Yes, these are essential things, thanks for bringing them up
  13. Awesome news, I appreciate the hard work of LSPDFR team, I posted this few days ago, I'm not sure if the upcoming LSPDFR version would address this: I was wondering if there is anyone in the community thinking or planning to work on a project to replace all the default law enforcement characters with new and more realistic ones, like the ones we have in EUP. I mean what is the obstacle? What is preventing the community to bring such a revolutionary change into the game. imagine all new characters, more realistic, new faces, new uniforms just like the picture attached here. I strongly suggest the community to think about this seriously. We need this so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!