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  1. ClassyEra

    Yet another infinite loading screen problem

    Have you tried Albo's troubleshooter? It might solve your problem you're having!
  2. ClassyEra

    Callout Script Suggestions

    My fault on that....Just got in the mix of doing too much at once!
  3. This is just some ideas that have came to mind for future callout scripts. I'll provide a brief example to some callouts I list. The examples provided are just to give you an idea of what the callout/script could possibly involve. So lets dive into it! Delinquent Callouts - - Truancy/Minors skipping school Example 1: You receive a call from a highschool principal reporting he/she has seen 2 students wondering off school during lunch. It's your job to find the truant stundent(s) within the area reported and handle at your discretion. Example 2: As your patrolling any given neighborhood (some neighborhoods more likely than others) you see a group, 3 at most. That just don't fit in for the time of day, especially during school hours. You can sit back and observe from a distance if you should pull up and ask some questions regarding age, etc. You get the idea. :D - Contributing to the delinquency Example 1: You receive a call from a concerned bystander reporting they've witnessed what looks like a middle aged man/woman with what looks like a group of underage teenagers and some appear to be intoxicated. Maybe the person who notified the authorities could be wrong as well. How you handle & investigate the situation is up to you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Everyday Callouts (Non-violent or intense action) So, not every call out has to result in an officer being dispatched to a heated dispute, a violent person, etc. Even though, all those are fun! I will not deny that! But what about the simple things. Here a some simple, yet in my personal opinion just fun to be a part of type callouts/etc. I'd like to suggest. - Temporary Traffic Control Example 1: Its shift change at a construction site, school has ended, a huge gathering has ended, etc. and the area where the large group of occupants/pedestrians must cross to get back to their vehicles,etc is located at a busy intersection. That said, you are dispatched to temporarily alert and slow down traffic with your lights by simply positioning your unit near or ahead at the given crosswalk or wherever the crowd is crossing for their safety. Goal of this callout is to simply let your presence be known to those drivers who don't pay as much attention on the road! (I'm sure we've all atleast once witnessed our local P.D.,Sheriff or State Police posted on the side of the road to alert traffic of school starting/ending, shift change at a mill or plant, a busy gathering,etc. Just anything regarding where there will be a lot of pedestrian crossing and traffic could be an issue. Not to get this mixed up with the officers who physically direct traffic with the whistle.) -Elderly lost/Nursing Home patient wondered off: Example 1: Simply put, you get a report from dispatch that they received a call from a concerned grandson/granddaughter/son,etc or nursing home staff that their patient/grandmother has gone missing or maybe you see a dazed and confused elderly person wondering the streets of Los Santos on your daily patrol. It would be nice and a good rep for any officer from any department to kindly help bring back grandma to their loved ones or return them back to safety within the nursing home. Rather than have them mugged or taken advantage of in the cold streets of SA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now here are some callouts/events I'll name off without examples. Property Dispute Noise Complaint (Party at a house Late A.M., etc) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One other neat Idea I had was a ped motion, where a suspect tries to reach for your gun. It's a simple motion, but it does happen out there. I figured something like that would keep you on your toes and add to the alertness of any officer! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So there are some ideas I have had. Just please note, that I have no experience when it comes to scripting. So I do apologize if these are not able to be implemented. Maybe the ideas I have given can spark something else in mind for somebody looking for script/scenario ideas. Also, the names I give for the callouts are just sample names, if anybody decides to go with any of these ideas, feel free to change the name! Just ask that you give a little credit as to who helped with the idea! :D I will add more ideas, if they pop up in bulk! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That said, thanks for taking the time to read this! Have a nice day!
  4. Are you still looking for a texture for this vehicle? Or is it already completed?
  5. ClassyEra

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization

    Perfectly answered! I couldn't agree more! I would take heed towards the above statement. To all of those who have the mindset engraved that the developers must act at the snap of a finger, I'll be respectfully blunt.. Just imagine (theoretically) a world with a not-so-friendly Developer/Staff. Where they decided something along the lines of - "You know what, we really don't owe anybody anything concerning this mod. Lets just stop here at the current build and leave it be. " or better yet, "Instead of free, how about we start finding ways to charge the player-base for the services provided." That's just some food for thought! :D Not for all, but for the ones who cant quite see the bigger picture yet! -------------------------------------- What it all boils down to in my personal opinion. When it comes to MAJOR updates....Its a "Needs of the many vs Needs of the Few / Quality over Quanity" kinda thing.
  6. ClassyEra


    Here's an album of either random pictures or pictures of textures to come! ENJOY!
  7. ClassyEra


    Awesome picture! Cool textures too!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, I was browsing around here and noticed that there wasnt any recent or atleast decent textures that represent the my home states state police...So I decided to put together a nice little pack for everyone! So here you guys have it. My home states, state police pack! Hope you guys enjoy these! Link to TAHOE, CVPI and FPIU: Link to FPIS: ---------------------------------------------------- DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR PROPER CREDITS
  9. ClassyEra


    Version 1.0.0


    Alright guys here ya go! Got a fictional PD mini pack for you all! I figured, since I have done a sheriff pack, might as well do a PD pack. HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY! THANKS! LINK TO VEHICLES: ---------------------------------------------------- DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR PROPER CREDITS
  10. Version 1.2


    Here we go guys, got a little sneak peak of whats to come. This is just a little something for everyone. I'm thinking about making a whole texture pack with these skins, just really depending on how everybody likes them! Thanks! LINK TO TAURUS & 13' TAHOE: LINK TO 17' TAHOE: LINK TO F150: Hope you guys enjoy! (EDIT 9/26 - THANKS TO KALLUS ROURKE FOR SUGGESTING SKINS 17' TAHOE & F150!) ---------------------------------------------------- DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT PERMISSION OR PROPER CREDITS
  11. ClassyEra

    POLICE 10-13..Thoughts & Questions

    I had no idea. That pretty much sums everything up. This thread can pretty much be closed and thrown away. So that goes to show, if the developers will react with toxic behavior, then you can only imagine how the community will be when/if it is released. Cyan, you deserve a round of applause good sir. Btw, I apologize, I wasn't trying to open up old wounds. :( Before I read your response, I would have never pictured something like that happening wouldn't have crossed my mind. My thoughts were complete opposite. LSPDFR.com I rate 5 stars for LC-LSPDFR since I joined in early 2014 and I have not 1 complaint. I don't want any misunderstanding, there was no ill intentions when I was posting this. I've literally came back from a 1 year break, so it's good to hear things like this! Up until this point, P1013 had a interested police RP enthusiast in their game. Not anymore. @thegreathah It's funny you mention that....I was thinking about putting another question before I posted this and it was going to ask, "DO YOU THINK P10-13 IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER CASH-GRAB GAME?" haha! But, seeing at the time I was posting, I had no knowledge of the relationship between G17 and WMG. So I was hesitant on posting certain questions like that one. Nevertheless, great outlook though. Answered the question without it even being up there. XD
  12. ClassyEra

    'Good Music' Thread

  13. ClassyEra

    'Good Music' Thread

  14. This game..Police 10-13. I have some questions for everybody including the community staff or to who it concerns. Now before I start this post, I haven't noticed a post (at least recently) to my knowledge about the "upcoming" game. If there is I apologize and would like to be pointed to the correct post! But hey, 3 pages of searching about this and not finding anything, I'd say it's time for a new post! Well, now that we got all of my nonsense out of the way. Here's some burning questions I have, a long with some food for thought, etc etc. I'd like to know everybody's opinion, thoughts or if you know something the rest of us don't and would like to share with the rest of the class about it, then lets hear it! As well as Dev's or Community Staff, who maybe could shed some light to the many or few about their thoughts and opinions as well! So here's a few questions I have bouncing around for everyone out there just for now, I'll post more as they come! Whats everybody's opinion on this game from the credible knowledge released so far? Do you guys think it's just being over-hyped and will just be another crash and burn? When/if released, do you think it will be as realistic and immersive as it's portrayed to be or just another "eh it's okay to mess around" kinda game? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now here's some questions for any staff member, etc. (ANYONE CAN FEEL FREE TO ANSWER THESE AS WELL IF YOU WISH) Will the brilliant minds and people behind G17 MEDIA stick with GTA LSPDFR only or has their been any thought about having a small branch off to POLICE 10-13? (Staying true to your roots of course.) Is G17 or has G17 assisted in the production of the game small/big or is Wingman Games a competitor when it comes to police simulation? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE! I am and always will be a supporter, player, member & content creator for LSPDFR til I can't game or create content anymore! I've never had dull moment! That being said, I am not biased towards POLICE 10-13 or Wingman Games. These questions were asked simply out of curiosity and for entertainment/informational reasons only!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys! It's been a long time coming. I'm finally back now in GTA 5. Feels great making textures again! I got a nice smooth charger texture for you guys! I didn't want to go all out at once now, gotta get my feet wet first & back in the mix of things, now that I'm gonna be upload a lot more from here on out! This is just a nice simple texture I decided to make, I personally like how everything fell in place. Imo it has a beach police vibe to it of some sort. There will definitely be a texture pack of some sort in the distant (hopefully near) future for sheriff,police and state police! This texture is for the BxBugs charger (Or his unmarked one) : HOPEFULLY YOU GUYS LIKE IT! GO EASY ON ME, FIRST UPLOAD IN LONG TIME! HOPE THERE'S NO DISAPPOINTMENTS! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! ONCE AGAIN, GLAD TO BE BACK! ------------------------------------------------------------- Please do not redistribute without proper credits! THANK YOU!