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  1. Personally I see no problem using text where there is no audio available, it was done in LCPDFR! If at a traffic stop you asked for a licence but he didn't have it, there was no audio for that, something like "Sorry officer, I forgot it at home!" Would appear over his head, and when on the street and asking for ID, similar might happen. Or on a drunk call, pedestrians might insult the drunk by use of those words over their head. And there's no reason not to use text for the radio ID call-ins, it was done in LCPDFR too, the radio when calling backup would be audio and text while ID only used text
  2. I'm hoping for more detailed traffic stops, checking the licence, running the plates, option for a felony stop perhaps. I'd also like to see more mundane policing duties, like using the Anim currently used as writing a ticket to take a report from a civilian about a crime, or domestic disturbances, even car collisions or robberies at an interior. Some variety from shootouts to calm traffic stops and taking a statement. I'd also like more features on foot, like checking ID and calling it in on the radio.

    The Final Countdown - LSPDFR Trailer 2

    Yes, it would be great if someone could CODE a script to load the Police Station interior from GTA Online that we can access in singleplayer, like the jail cells, briefing room, hallways, locker room and captains office. The open all interiors mod opened the doors to the armoury, the hallways and briefing room (But they aren't loaded like in Online) and the captains office. If we could find a way to load that interior it would be great. There's also textures from the GTA Online character selection screen which could be useful in something

    [WIP]Military Mod

    Great idea! Flying a Titan from the Military Base to LSIA etc sounds good, perhaps driving the Barracks army truck to deliver weapons from a Ammu-Nation? (The Ammu-Nation at the docks area in LS has a warehouse with the Fort Zancudo star on the door, could be a weapon pickup to then drive back to the base) And driving the Military Truck Cab with Military Fuel Tank would be cool too! Another cool thing would be driving the Army Jeep to a battle of some sort, or something in the country side that requires military involvement

    The Final Countdown - LSPDFR Trailer 2

    It depends who you Taze. If you Taze a cop, security guard they won't die, they get back up, if you Taze a spawned ped who runs from you like the muggers in the ATM mugging random events, they don't die either. But if you Taze an average pedestrian, even if they start attacking you, they fall to the ground, curl up in the fetal position and die. I believe a mod exists that fixes this

    The Final Countdown - LSPDFR Trailer 2

    It's a pity there is no proper SAHP patrol car in the game like the CHP CVPI Hopefully mods can provide

    LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    >inb4 Ayy lmao

    LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    Called it you spuds I am god physcic reading cost two fiddy a pop
  9. Yeah, that is one beautiful animation. I wish there was something like that we could use in LSPDFR, or just a mod which gives us a chance of reviving a downed ped. He looks so determined to save the person, it would be great if your partner was downed, yelling for people to get back, motioning for them to move back, then carefully helping him up even he's alive

    LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    The ruse is real.

    LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    It would be the most hilarious thing if when they declare a release, at the end of the countdown, they leave a download of images of them setting up the trailers and screenshots using a trainer, and left a trolling message, stating that the guys who said the images could be made by trainer were right. The uproar and shitstorm would be too funny

    LSPDFR Announcement + Preview

    I wanted to remake all the episodes of CHiPs as the SAHP or something, but I dunno if I could do that, wouldn't be the same without the real Larry Willcox and Erik Estrada as the officers :/


    One thing I'd love to see is a full SWAT/NOOSE/SEB unit responding in the police riot. It can contain a driver, front passenger and two officers in the back. This works great for a four man team, but it can also have two officers hang on each side!