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  1. Mikofiticus

    BCSO - EUP Retexture

    Something quite similar I did with normal peds.
    I'm from Mac! You had a good start. The font, size and color are not quite there yet. Same with the "City of Los Santos" part, and that should be more spaced out. Mac doesn't use a white stoke for their letters, they acutally do a grey stroke, then a skinny black stroke over that. They barely do it for unit numbers. As for the rear, the Vics don't have "Police" written on the trunk, it's actually on the rear bumper, and their website on the trunk lid. You did okay with the seal, just make sure you don't squash it, it should still be a perfect circle. Good on ya for remembering that they don't have white roofs and pillars for the Charger and Explorer (and Caprice). They have the white tops on the Vic and Tahoe though. Also watch the angle you put for the door decals, some of them look too angled, like you slapped the photoshop group on the door without checking the template of the car for how the body is designed. It should look a little similar to this (minus the flag on the rear pillar, I wanted to add that) but this is generally closer. Trust me, Carper and I have spent hours on this getting it closer and closer. Carper's version is spot on. A good example of our unit getting worked on by Sirennet. Hope that helps! I don't mean to be mean, but it's my hometown! I gotta rep it good
  2. What a load of horseshit. Democrats never supporting law enforcement. What fucking world do you live on? Do you know how expensive it is to outfit every unit with M4's? Shotguns will do just fine in urban areas. There's a hell of a lot of cops in LA. Cali is already in a lot of debt, it kinda makes it hard when communities have a bad outlook on cops, it makes it hard to raise taxes to help the officers. Anyway, OriginalLight is correct. LAPD holds on to cars until they cannot physically run. They destroy cars with how hard they run them. As far as I'm aware, there's still some late '90s and early 2000s vehicles still in their fleet. They'll probably be one of the last departments to hold onto their Vics. They really dug the Vic platform, it makes it harder to get rid of them. From the LAPD standpoint, they still use the cars until they can't anymore, so they still had LTDs and boxy Caprice's when the North Hollywood shootout happened, and that was in '98 if I remember correctly. I've seen a few recent pics of early 2000s vics still being used by the LAPD. So they're definitely out there.
  3. Mikofiticus

    "Retro"Lightbar Pack

    Any chance on a SUV of some sort? Like a Tahoe? I like this pack, but I feel that's all that it's missing.
  4. Mikofiticus

    LSPDFR 0.4 - The Technology

    It'd be interesting to know if since the AI is being reworked, if they'll be able to utilize all those alleyways and such that are in the city. I've always wanted suspects to really feel like they're trying to ditch me, rather than drive around the same block 100,000 times.
  5. Mikofiticus

    State Trooper Peds in The Family RP server?

    The Oregon State Police one's? I'm not sure, it always bugged me that it still says Oregon on the patches. I've been wanting to release my retexture of the RDE ones, so I'll try and do that in the next day or two
  6. Mikofiticus

    Lore-friendly Border Patrol/ICE mods?

    RDE and EUP has a lot of stuff if you're looking for lore. I'm pretty sure RDE has border patrol/immigration vehicles and peds.
  7. Mikofiticus

    Douglas County Sheriff, NV (Request)

    I dunno if it's just OpenIV, but the Vic has some weird black splotches on the door. Also, I'd always go for in-game screens, not OpenIV renders. It'll make the textures look better. The font is a little off too. You want MicroExtends (I think that's the name of it).
  8. I don't know about that department, but a lot of departments don't roll with tasers. Mostly due to money, but some departments don't have the money for OC spray or tasers. But that's a whole other can of worms. That is quite possibly the most broken, ludicrous, rash, dense and insensitive thing I've read on this website. Yeah, this shoot might be a bad one, but everything in that sentence. YEESH. EDIT: Finally watching the video, the actual shoot takes place off camera. We'd have to hope they have body cameras, but I bet they don't. So we don't exactly know what happened. Witnesses can only be so reliable. It's hard to say.
  9. Anytime I hear (not this case specifically) "why didn't he use a taser?" or "why doesn't he shoot for the legs?" Donut was a police officer and SWAT officer. He knows what he talks about.
  10. Mikofiticus

    BCSO - Adams County

    I have the link for all the cars used in the description, there's a section called Vehicles Used.
  11. You say that they're lore friendly, but you still say "Port Arthur" on the logo on the quarter panels.
  12. It's actually not a replica. This exact car was in service, and wrecked out at 9,000 miles. It has since been authenticated and restored to original condition. Most of their vintage cruisers are authentic units. http://www.seametropolicemuseum.org/docs/PoliceSatellite.pdf