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  1. Time to fuck up those swearers with a nice citation.
  2. Honking during a traffic stop causes the AI to drive straight until they flip over or crash. During traffic stops I can't use the weapon wheel, or the lspdfr computer that is bound to it on controller. Pressing E on the keyboard to try and open the computer causes me to honk, and the AI car to drive straight forever. I only noticed this now because I don't bother with vanilla traffic stops, but Albo updated his mods today so I did some.
    Best ALPR mod i've used, simple, and looks like it belongs in vanilla LSPDFR.
    Adds more depth to traffic policing, and is great for anyone who thinks anything that takes the game away from gunfights is fun. And don't worry if your not British. I'm Canadian playing with Los Angeles vehicles, and a british lspdfr plugin, and everything feels right.
  3. I love this mod, but would like the ability to plant drugs for even more realism.
  4. If you are on windows 10, and it crashes on startup after initial install; Rename Reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll, and inside enblocal.cfg change reshade64.dll to dxgi.dll. Works perfectly for me after this step on Windows 10 AMD gpu/cpu.
    Simple, works, and doesn't have a thousand keys to unbind. Edit: Woops i was wrong.
  5. Okay, if you do not like it, that is fine. Find something else. I like it, decided to share it, if you have a problem you can leave I hate people who post shit, and ask people to only give positive feedback. Positive feedback is useless, and will keep you posting shit.
    I typically don't take the time to write reviews...not as much as I should anyway. But this one, I had to do it. The reason? These are the best CVPI's ever made for GTA V, bar none. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Nothing else even compares.
  6. I can't bring myself to piss into the pool of 5 star reviews unless I have something useful to say though. Darn.
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